Ghost of Tsushima
Courtesy of PlayStation Productions

Ghost of Tsushima is on its way. In fact, we’re just one week away from the game’s release. And here’s Sucker Punch dropping crucial details about the game. So, how long is Ghost of Tsushima? And how many hours to beat it?

These details come directly from developer Sucker Punch. In an interview with GameStop employees, Sucker Punch dropped key information about the game. And one of them was regarding the length of the game.

One of GameStop’s employees asked “how long is the game in approximate hours” and here’s what Sucker Punch said –

Our game was designed for both people that want to take their time to adventure the island of Tsushima as well as appeal to players that really just want to experience Jin’s core story. So, as you can imagine, play-thru numbers range wildly. In our playtests, many people would play through the game over 5 days and only 1 or 2 would finish the story at times.

Additionally, they dropped info on how big the world of Ghost of Tsushima is. They wrote –

The game is radically bigger than anything we’ve ever attempted and does feature a couple of areas that get unlocked as you play through the central narrative. But the real scale of the Tsushima isn’t the size of the island, but instead the number of stories and unexpected experiences you’ll find there. It’s a massive game brimming with secrets to discover and people to meet.

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Ghost of Tsushima comes on a horseback ride on July 17 for the PS4.

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