How long is the downtime in Fortnite update v15.40


The downtime in Fortnite update v15.40 will start at 4 PM ET/1:00 AM PT/9:00 AM GMT. Needless to say, players cannot wait to see which weapon is coming to the game.

Epic Games recently mentioned that an unvaulted weapon is returning to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. The community is already speculating that the Pump Shotgun might make a return with the v15.40 update. 

Numerous theories are suggesting that the Pump Shotgun will return to the game after being absent for the better part of Chapter 2 Season 5. However, experts suggest that might not be the case. 

Update v15.40 will bring a new gun in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

The speculations are running rampant on social media, as players, fans, and data miners have swarmed to Twitter to discuss the possibilities. 

The Tweet posted by Epic suggests that the weapon will belong to the launcher class in Fortnite. Considering that there is already a Rocket Launcher present in-game, fans are confused about Epic’s plans. 

The update size for PS5 will be about 2.5GB, similar to the PS4 update. However, the size for Xbox Series X will be about 3.0GB.

Several players updated on Twitter that they would want the Pump Shotgun to return in Chapter 2 Season 5. However, the new gun in Fortnite might not have to do with Shotguns at all.

Epic Games also mentioned in their Twitter post that NPCs will get a quality of life upgrade. This means that NPCs will be carrying more exotic weapons, perhaps for the entire team.

The speculations about a new gun in Fortnite include the possibility of an NPC carrying the weapon. This will be beneficial for all players, as any team can purchase this weapon to get an upper hand.

Concurrently, this weapon might facilitate a new meta in Chapter 2 Season 5. Perhaps this new weapon in Fortnite will dominate lobbies with its damage rate and DPS.

It is still uncertain how long the downtime in Fortnite will last for the v15.40 update. Since it will encompass numerous aspects of the game, players can expect an hour of downtime in Fortnite.

Epic Games are about to implement some massive changes in the game. The process will be lengthy and comprehensive in nature. Hence, the downtime in Fortnite update v15.40 can be longer than usual. 


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