How long will Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) be
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As the highly anticipated release date of Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) approaches on June 22, 2023, fans are eagerly awaiting any new information about the game’s features, storyline, and gameplay mechanics. One question that many are asking is: How long will FF16 be?

Will it offer a lengthy and immersive experience, or will it be a shorter, more focused adventure? In this article, we’ll explore the different factors that could affect the length of FF16 and provide insights into what players might expect from this latest installment in the beloved Final Fantasy franchise.

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Duration

In an interview for Famitsu, the director (Hiroshi Takai) and the producer (Naoki Yoshida) of Final Fantasy XVI have resolved one of the big questions about the game and have confessed how long it will take to overcome its story and how long it will take us to complete absolutely everything, the 100%.

  • According to both, ” it probably takes 35 hours ” to know the entire story of Clive, the protagonist of this installment. However, “if we include the additional content (side missions), it can double that amount.”
  • Let the trophy hunters and achievement seekers get ready because everything indicates that platinum and 1000G seem like a 70-hour challenge.

What will Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) be about?

In the mystical world of Valisthea, a time of turmoil is brewing, and young Clive finds himself thrust into the middle of the chaos. Starting out as the bodyguard of Joshua, a boy with the power of Phoenix, Clive soon becomes embroiled in a tragic event that unleashes the fearsome Eikon Ifrit and sets him on a path of vengeance.

Though he may not possess the power of Phoenix, Clive’s bravery and quick thinking earn him the title of the First Shield of Rosaria. Blessed with the ability to wield the flames of the Phoenix, Clive sets out on a quest to avenge the devastating losses he’s suffered.

As the story unfolds, we see Clive transform from a 15-year-old boy into a hardened warrior, driven by his desire for revenge and fueled by the power of the Phoenix. But will his quest for vengeance lead him down a dark path, or will he find redemption along the way?

Characters and Setting

1500 years ago, a technologically-advanced civilization reigned supreme over Valisthea until a catastrophic war led to its collapse. Now, the remnants of that once great civilization are but a legend. The Mothercrystals have become the focus of later civilizations, but Valisthea is not without its challenges.

  • The powerful Eikons, magical creatures based on summoned monsters from previous Final Fantasy games, are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Phoenix, Shiva, Titan, Garuda, Leviathan, Bahamut, Odin, and Ramuh each represent one element and typically avoid conflict with each other. However, a new Eikon of fire, Ifrit, upsets the balance and drives the main plot of the game.

Duration of previous Final Fantasy installments

FINAL FANTASY Main Story Main + Side Quests
I 16 Hours 21 Hours
II 23 Hours 30 Hours
III 18 Hours 21 Hours
IV 22 Hours 34 Hours
V 32 Hours 62 Hours
VI 35 Hours 63 Hours
VII 36 Hours 82 Hours
VIII 40 Hours 80 Hours
IX 39 Hours 82 Hours
X 46 Hours 148 Hours
XI (Online) 130 Hours (Ave.) 1,733 Hours (Ave.)
X-2 30 Hours 112 Hours
XII 61 Hours 160 Hours
XII: Revenant Wings 24 Hours 36 Hours
XIII 48 Hours 105 Hours
XIII-2 28 Hours 71 Hours
XIII: Lightning Returns 33 Hours 66 Hours
XIV: A Realm Reborn (Online) 112 Hours (Ave.) 492 Hours (Ave.)
XV 28 Hours 98 Hours
VII Remake 33 Hours 86 Hours
XVI 35 Hours 70 Hours

How many Final Fantasy games have you played so far? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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