How much does a BTS member earn, who's the richest

If you want some BTS information, we may have some here for you. For some BTS news, they recently started the pre-orders for the Love Yourself LP Vinyl, so if you’re interested, you may head over to Weverse Shop. It’s also available on different Korean online stores like KTown, Synnara, Yes24, etc. But for today we won’t dwell on that, so if you’re one of the people (or ARMY) who’s curious about each member’s net worth, then keep reading with us.

How much does BTS earn?

Before we dive into the member’s net worth, you may want to know first how much the group earns. According to reports, the seven-member boy group’s net worth reached an estimated USD 100 million (or maybe higher). While according to the 2020 Forbes report, the estimated earnings of BTS reached USD 50 million.

  • In 2019, they have reached a gross worth of USD 170 million while on tour. Although, they weren’t able to reach a summer stadium tour in the US because of the global pandemic.
BTS richest member, net worth
Image Courtesy of @bts_bighit via Twitter
  • Their net worth was collectively from performances, royalties, world tours, and advertisements in the group. Given that they have a huge and dedicated fanbase, the album sales, tours, and merchandise are a big part of BTS’ revenue as well.
  • On June 2022, BTS announced that the members would want to pursue their solo careers. No disbandment or hiatus, but that does mean a higher net worth for each. Speaking of, let’s move on to the member’s net worth. Who’s the richest among them?

A BTS member’s earnings

Let’s get on with it right here, right now. Also, we wouldn’t mention this one by one, but adding to the net worth are the commercials from national and international brands that feature the group. Let’s begin with the richest (so far!) member of the Kpop sensation.

BTS richest member: J-Hope

Jung Hoseok, popularized by his stage name J-Hope, has an estimated USD 26 million net worth, according to reports. He becomes the BTS richest member with his current net worth.

  • We kind of expected to have J-Hope at the first spot because of his music production, songwriting, and album sales. He actively contributed to the group’s discography, and just simply had the rewards of it. In 2019, he released his song Chicken Noodle Soup featuring Becky G.
BTS richest member HOSEOK
Image Courtesy of @BIGHIT_MUSIC via Twitter
  • Additionally, J-Hope becomes the first member to release an album following the June 2022 announcement of BTS (for the meantime) solo careers. Continue to stream Jack in the Box, ARMYs! He is an all-around artist, he just proves it every time.

2. Suga

Agust D becomes the second BTS richest member with an estimated net worth of USD 25 million. Agust D, if you’re not familiar, has been the alias of BTS Suga when he participates in solo projects.

  • Suga has worked and joined with different international artists, like Halsey back in 2019 with the track SUGA’s Interlude, MAX with Blueberry Eyes, and a remix of their collaboration with Coldplay’s My Universe.
BTS richest member SUGA
Image Courtesy of @BIGHIT_MUSIC via Twitter
  • The BTS rapper has been actively seen in the music production scene for various artists like PSY and IU among others. Collaborations as well, with known South Korean acts like Epik High and Heize among others.

3. RM

To wrap up the top three (and the producer line), we have Kim Namjoon AKA RM, as the third BTS richest member. His net worth can be estimated at USD 22 million.

  • As we have mentioned, the BTS leader, along with the two members above, has been active behind the BTS’ music production. RM co-wrote the 2021 bop song, Butter. He is known to be credited with around 170 songs already and still counting. We may want to wait for an RM album announcement, please happen!
BTS richest member RM
Image Courtesy of @BIGHIT_MUSIC via Twitter
  • If you’re in the production scene, you’ll meet various artists, and RM has worked with Korean and international musicians too. South Korean hip-hop act MFBTY with the song Buckubucku, and British duo HONNE with the track Crying Over You.

4th BTS richest member: Jimin, Jungkook, V, and Jin

Coming tied in the fourth BTS richest member title are the following: Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, and Kim Seokjin. The estimated net worth of each of these members is USD 20 million.

  • Jimin has been credited with BTS songs like Lie and Promise. He also participated in the OST Our Blues Pt. 4 with artist Ha Sung Woon. He may be next to release a solo album. We hope we can find out pretty soon!
BTS richest member JIMIN
Image Courtesy of bts.bighitofficial via Instagram
  • He has some shares in HYBE, a few apartments in Nine One Hannam for investments, and solo projects as well. Jimin loves music and he surely does well in it, and even a business-minded person. He knows how to handle his $$$, kudos!
  • The golden maknae took first place in having the most fans and being the most talented in the group, according to our past articles. He recently collaborated with singer-producer Charlie Puth on the track Left And Right which gain a lot of popularity over different social media applications.
BTS richest member JUNGKOOK
Image Courtesy of @BIGHIT_MUSIC via Twitter
  • Jungkook also participates in the BTS discography. He co-produced Outro, Our Love Is Not Over in 2015 (he was 18 then!), and mainly produced Magic Shop in 2018, alongside RM and other producers. Jungkook also made its appearances in Korean TV shows way back in 2016. New collaboration soon? We hope so!
  • The second youngest member, Kim Taehyung belongs here with a USD 20 million estimated net worth. With his looks and fashion gigs, he’s one of the most searched Asian Celebrities on Google for 2022. The rest of the members have shares in HYBE just like V.
BANGTAN richest member V
Image Courtesy of @BIGHIT_MUSIC via Twitter
  • He joins the music production of some BTS songs as well, and has a few solo songs on hand, like Winter Bear and Sweet Night. He runs from being an idol to being an actor, model, and even the fashion world. He was even invited by Celine during the Paris Fashion Week last July 2022, along with BLACKPINK’s LISA and actor Park Bo-Gum.
  • Lastly, the eldest of them all, Kim Seokjin has the same USD 20 million estimated net worth as the three members above. Another business-minded member, Jin profits from his Japanese restaurant with his brother way back in 2018. He also has some apartments and buildings in the city of Seoul, South Korea.
BANGTAN richest member JIN
Image Courtesy of @BIGHIT_MUSIC via Twitter
  • The worldwide handsome might become more handsome with his music credits. Of course, the members have been actively participating in the songwriting and music production of the group, Jin does too. Songs include Awake in 2016, Moon in 2020, and a solo song Tonight in 2019.

Here’s all we got, ARMYs! Borahae!

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