How old is Martha Stewart? Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Wows Audience

Martha Stewart Sports Illustrated swimsuit photo shoot

Martha Stewart became the oldest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover star at the age of 81. Stewart, a lifestyle influencer, graced one of the four issues of Sports Illustrated that will be available on the newsstands from May 18.

Following her trendsetting achievement, Martha Stewart talked with The New York Times, revealing details of her photoshoot. She shared that she wore nine one-piece bathing suits during her 8-hour-long cover shoot.

Martha Stewart reveals behind the scenes from her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover photoshoot

Martha Stewart on Sports Illustration at the age of 81
Martha posing for Sports Illustrated (Image via Twitter)

The 81-year-old Martha Stewart shared an anecdote from the photoshoot. She said that all the crew of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue would ‘probe her’ and talk about ‘the girls’ referring to her breasts. Stewart shared that she remembers this as she has never called her breasts ‘the girls’ ever in her life, “I hate stuff like that.”

  • She added that, throughout the shoot, the people were nudging her, ‘Poke this out and push that in,’ and she had to work like that for eight hours. However, she clarified that she had a great time shooting in the Dominican Republic.

  • When asked about her preparations for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue‘s photoshoot, Martha Stewart shared that she experienced the spray tan for the first time. She also attended a Pilates class three times a week to prepare for the shoot.
  • She also had to prepare mentally to ensure she was ready to pose in a bathing suit. Stewart added that if she feels good physically and mentally, she is ready for similar photoshoots. “I basically had two months to prepare myself to feel good about the way I looked… It took a bit of vanity [and] also a bit of confidence,” Stewart said to The Times.

Martha Stewart shared her initial reaction and motivation to star in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

When asked about her initial reaction to being the cover model of Sports Illustrated‘s May issue, Martha Stewart said she didn’t hesitate. As per Insider, this wasn’t surprising as the influencer is well-known for sharing ‘thirst traps’ on her Instagram handle.

  • Stewart also told the team of Sports Illustrated about her motivation behind this bold step. “Usually I am motivated by the monetary gain,” Stewart shared straightforwardly, “[But] this time I wanted to show people that women of my age could look good, feel good, [and] be good.
  • She also clarified that she usually doesn’t think too much about the age. However, she believed this photoshoot was ‘kind of historic’ and determined to look really good. “I wanted for other women to believe that they could star on the cover of Sports Illustrated as well,” she said.

Netizens are amazed by Martha Stewart’s cover photo

As soon as netizens got a glimpse of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue starring Martha Stewart on the cover, they were amazed and claimed that she was on top of her game.

Some also praised the photo shoot by saying it was simply amazing. At the same time, the others couldn’t help but feel surprised that Martha Stewart successfully pulled off the cover at 81.

As such, netizens’ reactions fulfill Martha Stewart’s wish to prove that women can look and feel good regardless of age. The historic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue will be available from newsstands starting May 18, 2023.

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