The Jonas Brothers teamed up with Waze for a new project
The Jonas Brothers teamed up with Waze for a new project (Image via Getty Images)

With their most recent collaboration, the Jonas Brothers give Waze users a fun driving experience. The band has collaborated with the GPS software Waze to provide personal navigation from Joe, Kevin, and Nick. Personal anecdotes and humorous comments about the drive and the travel in the directions will be present.

They’ll also mention some of their preferred pit stops along the way, such as the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton, New Jersey. The unique driving experience is intended to inform people about the Jonas Brothers’ latest album, The Album. Let’s get on the road!

Waze and Jonas Brothers join hands in a fun collab 

Waze's collab with the Jo Bros is a fun and entertaining deal
Waze’s collab with the Jo Bros is an entertaining deal (Image via Waze)

With a new Jonas Brothers driving experience, Waze, the GPS service, now offers consumers an entertaining service. The brothers’ voice instructions will keep fans amused on their everyday journeys.

Kevin, Nick, and Joe will serve as the latest celebrity driving instructors for the GPS company’s new Drive with Jonas Brothers experience, the company announced on Wednesday.

“Growing up on the road, our tour bus became our home away from home, so we know the importance of getting places safely and on time,” the Jonas Brothers said to PEOPLE. “We are excited to partner with Waze for an exclusive driving experience and have our fans around the world join us on their drives and share some of our favorite memories and spots we’ve discovered while touring. See you on the road!”

In this voice navigation system, the brothers will reveal how they pass the time in traffic and encourage drivers. Instead of telling the drivers to go “dancing on top of cars” or “stumbling out of bars,” they will say things like “Nice job. We made it” when a driver arrives at their location.

How to activate it?

English voice navigation is included with the experience and is accessible worldwide. Travelers can go to the “Customize your drive” area of the Waze app and choose Jonas Brothers to access the Jonas Brothers navigation. The next step is for users to enable voice navigation and choose a mood and car icon.

Jonas Brothers Waze Voice collaboration
Image Courtesy of Waze

By navigating the application, you can do these simple steps to use the Jonas Brothers’ voice directions. Head to My Waze and then to Settings. You can see the Voice & Sounds option and click Waze Voice.

  • Once you reach the Waze Voice, you can find the Jonas Brothers’ voice there. Additionally, the Waze Voice selections range from Christina Aguilera to PAW Patrol and even some zodiac-inspired sounds.

What is Waze?

Using the Global Positioning System (GPS), Waze, a Google subsidiary, offers satellite navigation software for smartphones and other devices. It integrates user-submitted journey times, route information, and turn-by-turn navigation while downloading location-dependent data over a cellular network. Waze advertises its app as a free download and usage community-driven project.

It’s not the first time that Waze has collaborated with a well-known figure to provide some positive directions. Last year, the app collaborated with Santa and Mrs. Claus to provide good navigation for the holiday season. In 2021, the business teamed up with Audible, a well-known platform for audiobooks and podcasts, to assist travelers in finding their preferred content.

Waze has done some brief, entertaining voice integrations with characters throughout the years, ranging from C-3PO to zombies. The voice experiences often swap out the car’s standard navigation voice and alter the vehicle symbol if the driver hasn’t tried one before. The distinctive voice occasionally provides some remarks on the journey.

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