Where are on the whole the Tony Hawk bell areas? The School levels in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 each have the ‘Wallride 5 Bells’ target in their arrangements of objectives. Performing wallrides to arrive at each ringer isn’t excessively testing, however there are a couple that are not entirely obvious. 

Snatch your skateboard and plan to zoom along walls, and even across housetops on your journey to finish each stop objective. Regardless of whether it’s only one bell that evades you, or needs some direction on the best course for discovering all the Tony Hawk bell areas, I’m here to spare you time. We should finish this objective rapidly so you can zero in your vitality on accomplishing a good high score. 

The method to wallride in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2:- 

The most significant move you have to know for these missions is FS Wallride. Each bell is roosted on a wall and a couple of them are situated near ramps. Along these lines, it’s worth nailing wallrides before attemping this park goal. To wallride, skate towards a wall at a slight point, hop (A/X on a controller), and afterward press grind(Y/Triangle) to ride along it. 

Tony Hawk ringer areas: School 

School is the second level in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and discovering every one of the five bells can be dubious. Odds are you’ve discovered four bells and are on the chase for that annoying fifth. Here’s the best course to take: 

Bell One 

Beginning the green rooftop, skate down and drop onto the floor. Straightforwardly ahead there’s a hole between the structures on the right. Skate down this limited back street, turning directly toward the end. When you pass the pale gutter pipe to your right side, prepare to wallride and granulate over the primary ringer. Proceed ahead, after the snaking walkway until it opens up once more. 

Bell Two 

Once in the open territory, bear left and skate down the slope. Close to the little wooden slope at the base, on the red building, wallride again to guarantee the second bell.  

Bell Three 

Make a sharp right and head to the blue table close to the brick wall. You can grind the top of this wall by bouncing and afterward crushing. When you’re on this ledge, skate towards the wall and wall ride along, at that point hop and hold grind to arrive at the rooftop. Hop again to quit grinding and afterward direct your concentration toward the red building. The third bell is under a light on the side. 

It’s possible to arrive at the rooftop from the opposite side of the short building by skating up the colorful ramp and playing out a Boneless (double tap up on the d-pad + jump) while holding forward. Be that as it may, this is a lot harder on the off chance that you haven’t opened all your stat points yet so I suggest staying with the first method. 

Bell Four 

Jump off the rooftop on the left side (the direction opposite from where you came) and skate past the colourful ramps. Keep left and chase after the play area to discover a structure with heaps of glass windows and entryways. Skate along and wallride to hit the fourth bell.  

Bell Five 

Keep skating past the colourful ramps coating the outerl left-side of the play area. You’ll locate the last bell on the wall to your left side. 



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