Mega Evolution is finally here in Pokemon Go and players can’t wait to Mega evolve their favorite Pokemon in the game. Many players are wondering how they can Mega Evolve in Pokemon Go, and how they can get Mega Stones in Pokemon Go. Read on to find out more about it.

How to get Mega Stones in Pokemon Go?

Unlike the anime, there is no concept of Mega Stones in Pokemon Go so you don’t need to get Mega Stones to Mega to evolve your Pokemon. Instead, you need to gather Mega energy to Mega evolve your Pokemon in the game. So how do you get Mega Energy? Well, it’s fairly easy. All you need to do is take part if Mega Raid Battles where you will battle against Mega evolutions of Pokemon. Winning the battles will raise the Mega Energy of your respective Pokemon.

Mega Raid Battles will be comparable to five star legendary battles in terms of difficulty and you will need to team up with other players to take out the Pokemon. Defeating each specific Pokemon will grant you with the Mega Energy of that specific Pokemon. For instance, defeating Mega Charizard will get you Charizard Mega Energy and likewise for other Mega Pokemon.


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