Simulation Seeds are redeemable resources that can be used to increase your level in Destiny 2. According to the game’s lore Simulation Seeds are apparently matter that forms the simulated realities in the Infinite Forest: a location accessible through a gateway in the Fields of Glass, Mercury.

Where to Get Simulation Seeds? How to farm Simulation Seeds in Destiny 2? How to redeem Simulation Seeds?  Here’s everything you need to know.

Simulation Seeds Destiny 2

Simulation Seeds can be found in material nodes available on Mercury and the Infinite Forest. They are scattered all over the place and can be collected directly. However, while farming for Simulation Seeds, you will be attacked by Sentry Harpers. Make sure to equip ‘Nightstalker’ under Hunter Class along with the ‘Keen Scout’ perk to take the sentries out easily.

After collecting a decent amount of Simulation Seeds, you need to visit to Brother Vance in order to redeem them. Visiting him will increase your reputation as a result of which you will be rewarded with the Lighthouse Engram.


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