How to Play Stumble Guys with Friends

Let us get this straight, as much as we want you to have some fun playing on your own, we want you to enjoy playing with your friends! There’s no other joy than spending quality gaming time with your friends, especially when it’s Stumble Guys. Kitka Games developed and published this indie game that came to the gaming market last 2021.

Sure, we agree that this is one of the games you can enjoy yourself, we’ll give you that. But have you wondered how to play Stumble Guys with friends? If so, read with us here and we’ll also let you know if you can play this on PC!

How to Play Stumble Guys with Friends

We’ll head straight to the point, and believe us when we say that this is one of the easiest guides you can see. As we all (probably not all) know, Stumble Guys is a mobile game which hmm, you can say similar to the PC game, Fall Guys. But anyway, we’ll stop commenting about the similarities, we’ll help you out first.

  • First, launch the Stumble Guys application on your phones. If you haven’t tried playing it, and you’re reading this to know if this is an enjoyable game for friends. You may download it on Android via Google Play and iOS via App Store.
  • You’ll be welcomed by your character in the lobby once it launches. It looks like this, peek at the cute character below. Oh, right, we’re not here to admire the adorable guy, right, my bad. Say, you see the Party button on the right side? You should click that.

Stumble Guys player lobby

  • Once you click the button, you should now be facing the same screen below. From there, you can choose if you’ll Create Party and then invite your friends. Or they may have created one, so you can just enter the code and then Join in.

How to Play Stumble Guys with friends

  • If you are the host of the party and after everyone is in and ready, you may click the Play button. It will redirect you to the map selection, then the game starts.

Stumble Guys party

  • If you encounter any trouble, you may want to make sure that everyone’s on the same server! And that players, is the simplest way to play with your friends in Stumble Guys! Any more questions? Oh, is there PC play?

Can you play it on your PC?

If you prefer to play on your PC, that’s fine. Oh, what we meant is that yes, you can play Stumble Guys on PC. Pretty cool? The indie-platform game has cross-play multiplayer support for any device. So whether you use Mac, Windows, or Linux, on your Android or iOS phones, or even tablets, you can enjoy the game. Stumble Guys is available on Steam if you plan to download it on your PC.

Stumble Guys
Image Courtesy of
  • Just additional information, you may want to know about now. You can play Stumble Guys on your browser via mobile cloud! But, of course, you have the option to link your game account to have your data loaded on the browser. But, if you don’t want the hassle of linking, you can still play as a guest! You may want to check out their blog post to know more about this Cloud service.

That’s all we have now, players!

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