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In this article, we will teach you how to queue and buy a PS5 on Sony’s Official Website. Even though you still didn’t spot a PlayStation 5 on every store shelf every day of the week, availability has improved recently.

Today is another opportunity. Recently, Sony has been dropping public restocks very quickly. On Sony’s website, you may join a public lineup and begin virtually waiting for a PS5 console right away.

How To Queue and Buy PS5

  • The latest restocks have made it quite simple to obtain a console, but you’ll still need to pay attention to your indicated wait time until you hear the notification bell that lets you know it’s your turn.

    • Remember that once you’re waiting in line on Sony’s website, there’s no need to reload the page.
    • Just bear in mind that you will be required to provide your username and password in order to log into your PlayStation Network ID. 
  • After clearing the line, you might have a few PS5 console options to choose from:
    • This includes the usual $499 model with a disc drive, and the $399 Digital Edition without one. Or…
    • The Horizon Forbidden West bundle of either model for an extra $50. (In which, you’ll receive a digital download coupon for the game at a marginally reduced rate from its standard price of $69.99 on the PS5.)

  • !!!UPDATE!!! July 26th, 6:38 PM ET: Sony is still selling a package with Horizon Forbidden West for $549.99. The regular PS5 console is sold out.

Sony Direct Restock Queue: A Step-by-step Guide

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  1. The PlayStation brand’s official retailer is called Sony Direct. It sells the PS5 for MSRP and ships quickly to subscribers of PS Plus and fairly quickly to everyone else without a membership.
    • A PS5 restock at Sony Direct always has at least four PS5 systems available. Once you pass the Sony Direct line, you’ll need to choose between the PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital systems. Two PS5 Horizon bundles have also been added, it is $50 more expensive than the non-bundled, game-free counterparts.
    • Along with the Walmart PS5 restock and Amazon PS5 restock, these Sony emails may be your quickest source, so signing up is a good idea.
  2. Register to Sony Direct Restock

    • You must register on the official PlayStation website in order to receive the Sony Direct email invitation.
    • You must know your PlayStation Network ID’s username and password to sign in or establish a PSN account if you don’t already have one. Fortunately, setting up a PSN account is free and simple.
  3. Click Sign-in

    • Registering for the next Sony Direct PS5 resupply requires merely logging into your PlayStation Network account. If you’ve successfully registered for a chance to purchase a PS5 at the future Sony Direct restocking, you’ll see the message “Thank you for registering” in green letters.
  4. Wait for Sony PS5 Restock Email Invite

    • Users of PSN who registered using the official PlayStation website will receive the PlayStation Direct invite email at random.
    • Sony has said that it chooses who receives the PS5 restocking email invitations based on “past interest and PlayStation activities.”
    • [email protected] will be used for the PS5 replenishment invitation; this is a legitimate email address from Sony. However, anything that uses a Gmail account to pretend to be a Sony Direct PS5 email invitation is a scam. The only legitimate email address is [email protected]; everything else is fake.
  5. Sony Direct Restock Time

    • You will be given instructions in the Sony Direct PS5 invitation to click the “Access event” button in the email at 11 am PT (2 pm ET) on a certain date.
    • Emails typically arrive in inboxes the day before a PS5 restocking in the late afternoon. The invitation from Sony always includes the date and the restocking window of 11:00–16:00 PT (14:00–19:00 ET) or while supplies last.
    • What you need to do is press this button immediately before the real resupply time of 11 am PT / 2 pm ET. You can show up a little early without being penalized. Waiting until the very last minute of the time period will result in the Sony Direct PS5 restocking being sold out.
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  • Unique Link
    • According to Sony, the PlayStation Direct invite’s “Access event” button is a special link. As a result, you can’t forward the email to buddies and relatives because it’s linked to your PSN account. You can buy extra PS5 consoles for friends and then resell them to them, but you must use your PSN account to make the purchase.
    • The US Sony PlayStation Direct restocking requires that your address be located in the United States. However, the store you just registered for is only available to US addresses. Separate Sony Direct PS5 resupply lines have opened in other nations.
  • Sony Direct is One of Your Best Chances to Get a PS5
    • If it does sell out of consoles, some users have been able to try again at a different time using that email because Sony is still operating a PS5 resupply virtual queue system, which means it’s still random once you log into the “event.”
    • However, you must be aware of the time since if you miss your day, you won’t receive a follow-up email. You will need to be chosen again at random.
  • Open to All – Sony Direct PS5 Queue Events
    • It is possible for PlayStation Network subscribers to attempt to purchase the PS5 system without receiving a Sony Direct invite email when the Sony Direct queue becomes accessible to the general public, however, this is not always the case.
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