How to Travel to Japan? Requirements + Top 5 Dos and Don’ts

How to Travel to Japan Requirements + Top 5 Dos and Don'ts

The land of Sushi, AI, and Anime come to life – a trip to Japan is about exploring a lot more than that. It can now be your turn to travel to Japan and realize your international travel dreams. Japan travel is an experience like no other – and here is how you can grab your pass.

How to Travel to Japan? Requirements + Top 5 Dos and Don'ts
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From restaurants run by robots to house slippers which are a must – we all know what the cliches of Japanese culture have to offer. It is not to relieve these cliches but to explore the unknown that travelers are fast choosing Japan travel as their next destination.

Even in the pre-pandemic world, Japanese tourism claimed an almost double-digit increase each year in the percentage of overseas visitors. In 2018 alone, over 49,209,000,000 people from around the world chose Japan as their dream destination.

Eligibility for your Japan visit: Post-pandemic travel to Japan

International regulations do not allow a free influx of foreigners into any geographic location. How can you be the one who gets chosen as the traveler who makes the trip to Japan?

  • Japan has identified 98 low-risk countries, and travelers of these countries find it easy to arrange a tourist visit. This risk categorization is done based on covid-19 cases.
  • Applying for a tourist visa for a trip to Japan is actually easy. Numerous tourist countries around the world will assist you in this process to make your Japan travel a reality.
  • From 7th September 2022, all triple vaccinated visitors in Japan will no longer need a pre-departure covid test. This will make your travel to Japan smoother and more accessible.

Like most countries around the world, Japan still issues guidelines against covid-19. All residents and visitors are advised to wear a mask outside.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Trip to Japan

Every visit to the Japanese culture introduces something brand new. Without knowledge, it is easy to make mistakes as a representative of a foreign country.

What to do in Japan

  1. Be polite and soft-spoken

    • Japanese culture appreciates politeness and a soft-spoken attitude. This does not mean people in Japan don’t have fun – they just have a more respectful manner of interacting with each other even in times of frolic.
  2. Learn basic chopstick etiquette

    • Japan will not expect you to become a master of chopstick etiquettes on your first visit. But since eating is a very subconscious process, improper chopstick etiquette might cause discomfort to people sharing the meal with you. Make sure to fill your Japan travel with good quality food and conversations.
How to Travel to Japan Requirements + Top 5 Dos and Don'ts
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  1. Follow a queue

    • People in Japan follow a line for everything. Though it might sound like this makes for a long wait, the truth is that the simple behavior is so effective in almost every day-to-day scenario that you will start missing it when you return home.
  2. Separate your garbage

    • Separation of garbage is usually important in Japanese culture.  Learned through a lifelong process this separation has become natural for many people in Japan. Not only are burnable separated from non-burnable, but plastics are also further separated into bottles, cans, polythene, and more.
  3. Keep an early night

    • Large cities in Japan like Tokyo and Kyoto suffer for space. In modern societies, such space issues exist in almost every metropolitan city. Japan really expects you to not be loud at night. Try not to throw frequent parties at night or work on noisy projects.

What NOT to do in Japan

  1. Don’t wear your regular shoes inside the house

    • In most Asian countries people do not wear shoes inside the house. Most Japanese homes will offer you slippers inside the house. These will again differ from the ones worn in the bathroom. In some households, people also prefer being barefoot.
  2. Don’t talk on trains

    • You are allowed to do everything on your phone when you travel to Japan on trains except make calls. In a similar manner, talking too loudly on Japanese trains are a big no-no. The predominant reason behind this lies in the fact that most Japanese people usually continue professional work on their commute.
  3. Don’t try to open taxi doors manually

    • Unlike most countries across the world, taxis in Japan do not need you to manually open the back door. Taxies in Japan are fitted with technology that allows the car to automatically open the back seat door.
  4. Don’t dip your towel into the hot spring water

    • This might sound odd but don’t drop your towers into the hot spring water. Your hot spring experience in Japan will involve these small light towels you will use to cover yourself. However, inside the hot spring, everyone is to be completely naked.
  5. Don’t forget to eat some Ramen

    • Japanese culture has a wide variety of different food types that you can enjoy. And yes, this list goes way beyond Sushi. The Japanese culinary art involves several other equally popular fish dishes. Alongside them is the special Japanese bread making, as well as the Japanese Sandos. But most of all, you need to try Japanese ramen on your trip to Japan.

Your travel to Japan will be as much about your appreciation of Japanese culture as it will be about your appreciation of your own background.

People in Japan appreciate the cultural differences between them and foreigners, so you can rest assured you will not be getting strange looks twice as often as a visitor.

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