How’s BTS Jin in the Military? – Latest update

BTS has been individually active on their solo gigs and projects left and right. Music releases, brand ambassadors, sports, and even in the military. Late last year, ARMYs watched over BTS’ ‘hyung’ (Hangul: , older brother) as Kim Seokjin enlisted in the military. All the BTS members would render years of service in the military, so for now, here’s the latest update of BTS Jin after he enlisted. Other news about the enlistment of the remaining BTS members will also be talked about here. Stay tuned!

BTS Jin’s military service

On Wednesday, January 18th, ARMYs felt Jin’s love towards the fandom. After a month of not having Jin updates, the BTS member reached out to ARMYs via a post on the Weverse application.

  • According to a translation from a Korean website, Soompi, Jin adds a caption: “I’m enjoyably spending my time here. I’m posting photos after receiving permission from the military. ARMY, always be happy and take care.
  • Kim Seokjin certainly doesn’t want the ARMYs to miss him so much, he attached three photos of him in military uniform. The first photo is of him standing with his hands on the side.
BTS Kim Seokjin in military, latest update
Image Courtesy of Weverse
  • Of course, he didn’t forget to take selcas for the fandom. Even with his mask on, Jin’s ‘worldwide handsome’ face never misses. He took a selfie and a V-pose selfie too. Did you miss our Jinnie too?
BTS Jin, military enlistment
Photo Courtesy of Weverse
  • Jin enlisted last December 13, 2022, as an active soldier. Seokjin attended the completion ceremony of the training on the same day he posted these updates. He is now assigned as an assistant instructor, according to Soompi.

ARMYs’ reactions

We wouldn’t want to miss the reactions of the ARMYs to this iconic ‘comeback’ of Jin. Around 10 related Jin topics were trending on Twitter right away. Surely everyone missed him!

  • Here’s a video posted on Twitter by a fan while Jin commands. From the cute Jinnie that the ARMYs know and now Kim Seokjin in the military.

  • The fandom expresses each of their feelings about Jin’s post. The relief and joy to see Jin once again take over the ARMYs. We hope we can see him soon again if he can, ARMYs would always be here for you, Jin!

BTS members’ enlistments

As of this writing, BigHit has not announced any news yet about another member entering the military. We have yet to look forward to the other members’ (RM, j-hope, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) solo activities.

  • If we depend on their age as to who will enter the military next, the three rappers may follow Jin’s enlistment. Hoseok, Yoongi, or Namjoon may be the next news we’ll hear from the company.

  • J-Hope released his album Jack in the Box last year, and after a while, RM dropped his Indigo album. Before entering the camp, Jin gave the ARMYs a single called The Astronaut. Well, we’ll not know the next announcement we’ll see, but we have to ready our hearts, ARMYs.

Way to go, Jin! We hope you can serve well and take care of yourself there the same way you told ARMYs to take care of themselves too. 화이팅, ! (Fighting, Jin!)

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SOURCES: Soompi, Weverse

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