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The renowned manga series illustrated and written by Yoshihiro Togashi is known for a plethora of things. One such thing is the number of hiatuses the series has gone through ever since, well, a pretty long time. Hunter x Hunter creator illustrates the story of a young boy named Gon Freecss as he travels into a world inhabited by supernatural phenomena, golden treasures, unicorn-equivalent creatures, and licensed collectors called Hunters. Despite having taken multiple hiatuses, again and again, fans finally saw a faint glimmer of hope another time this Wednesday.

“No399 has its background effects completed as per my specifications
No400 awaits my instructions
We have decided to increase our staff”

His tweet early this August informed the fans that he has increased his number of staff to meet the workload. Then just this Monday, he released that background effects for chapter 399 were done and his specifications for chapter 400 have been given.

What’s Up Hunter x Hunter Hiatuses?

Togashi has apologized multiple times to the followers of the Hunter x Hunter manga. His appeasement was to his readers of Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump readers to forgive him for his poorly illustrated manga chapters.

To make up for the same, Togashi redrew many of his chapters for collected volume bundles that are released later. In early 2022, The Hunter x Hunter creator made a Twitter account to communicate with his audience. On the reception of the same, the fan following exploded upon the news that the Hunter x Hunter hiatus was finally ending.

Togashi is teasing the return of the manga after 4 years long hiatus.

History of Hiatuses

Previously, the manga had gone on a hiatus ever since 2018. Its hiatus history has been of the following kind –

  • Even before that the Hunter x Hunter manga had taken a 2-year hiatus before returning in 2014 although only for a few months.
  • The series went on a hiatus again til 2016 for two months only, followed up by another hiatus that ran til 2017.
  • Yes, it went on a hiatus soon again returning this time in 2018.
  • Ah-gain, it went on a hiatus in April of the same year returning in September and running til November 2018.
  • In August Togashi tweeted that he is in pain. Even taking a pen to draw hurts him. Hence he had to put the work to his assistants. He said he has given instructions for the background effects of chapter 399 of Hunter x Hunter.

Hunter x Hunter Manga Creator Togashi’s Health

Hunter x Hunter creator

The hiatus epidemic occurred mainly due to Togashi’s declining health, to which the fans have reacted empathically. He has a back problem. This year, Togashi released a letter to his audience where he mentioned that he has been unable to even sit in a chair. For two years the mangaka had to discontinue his writing. Still, Togashi is no small fly. Battling against all the odds of his physical deterioration, Togashi put himself to work by laying down in bed. He also warned everyone to take care of their hips, to make sure they do not end up in a similar position as him.

He also painstakingly described in the same letter how he has been unable to even wipe himself after moving his bowels. He had to take showers every time.


Hunter x Hunter Togashi's Work
Gon Freecss and Yusuke Urameshi

Yoshihiro Togashi has been writing manga since a very early age. He was soon recognized for his work by Shueisha and joined the manga industry three decades ago. Two of his most acclaimed works are Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter. To add to his accolades, both of these are history’s finest-selling mangas ever.

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Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter’s first 20 volumes sold over 20 million copies. Fans wish him well, to recover as soon as possible, although there is always the impatient bunch. With manga work taking pace, anime fans can expect a follow-up of the 2011’s ground-shaking anime adaptation of Hunter x Hunter anime to continue. That’s it then folks! make sure to share, and subscribe to our push notifications You can also follow us on Twitter @spieltimes for the latest PS5 restock and drop. Stay Safe and Happy Gaming!