HyunA And DAWN’s Breakup: Is Celebrity Dating a Controversy Or Gossip?

HyunA and DAWN

HyunA and DAWN have released the news of their breakup through Instagram. This news created enough tremors in the land of K-pop that it overtook the comment section of the year-end award show MAMA 2022.

HyunA and DAWN started dating in 2016 and announced their relationship in 2018. They left CUBE entertainment following their dating confirmation and joined the P nation of Psy. Fans accepted their relationship and supported it wholeheartedly. As artists’ relationships are majorly taken as a scandal in Korean entertainment and discouraged by the management companies. Idols are often needed to sign contracts that legally bind them to not date for certain years of their careers.

Celebrity Dating: Difference between East and West

There is an obvious difference between the dating culture of Western and Eastern countries which shows up in the news coverage of celebrities dating.

  • The western media publishes the news as gossip with dating history articles noting the timeline of most of the flings and commitments of the artists.
  • The eastern media writes this news as a scandal with Idols and their companies often apologizing to the public and fans for creating havoc. This is why HyunA and DAWN’s public relationship was popular across K-pop fandoms. It broke the taboo of idol dating.

Impact of celebrity dating on viewers.

The news of artists dating either as gossip or a controversy impacts their fans. In general, celebrities are placed on a pedestal with expectations to show exemplary character in all aspects of their life. Hence, when their private details are shared online it directly influences their future projects.

The influence of scandal is so noteworthy that it is also used as a negative promotional strategy. And such strategies impact fans as they often sympathize with their favorite artists taking part in their sorrows and happiness.

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Impact of Dating Scandals on celebrities

These level of interest, opinions, and rumors are hard to manage and negatively impacts the artists. Making them conscious and calculative of their every action when appearing in front of the public. Because of this confessing or keeping their personal life private becomes an emotionally demanding aspect of their job. There are many cases where this amount of attention has caused anxiety, social phobia, and stress to artists.


Dating news: controversy or gossip

HyunA and DAWN, who kept their relationship public have seen supportive, celebrating, and negative responses. Just recently, post-HyunA’s announcement through Instagram, people started to spread false rumors about the reasons behind their separation.

DAWN threatened to take legal action against such malicious behavior in a post that since has been deleted. Yet there is no sign of an end as old clips from interviews are surfacing online.

Even as gossip or a scandal the public and fans’ reaction to new relationships and separations remains the same. It makes me question if there is any solution for the privacy of celebrities. What is your opinion? Let us know in the comments and follow Spiel Times for more discussions and news about celebrities, movies, and games.

Source: HyunA’s Instagram, DAWN’s Instagram

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