“I would have let Putin take over Ukraine” – Donald Trump’s statement gets strong reactions, Fox News cuts it out

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Ever imagine what Donald Trump would have done when the Russian-Ukraine conflict began? Well, the former US President himself answered this question and his response has shocked many. He has claimed that he would have let Russia’s Vladimir Putin annex parts of Ukraine as a peace strategy. To add insult to injury, his soft supporter, Fox News, edited out these remarks when replaying the interview.

As always, the internet was divided over this polarizing statement. The statement came in a radio show interview hosted by Sean Hannity, which is part of his campaign to return to the White House in his ongoing bid for the 2024 United States Presidential elections. As he runs for President for the third time, Trump has claimed he can “quickly end the war” if he is in office.

Donald Trump’s controversial peace plan for the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict

Donald Trump started out by making a strong claim that Vladimir Putin would not have dared to invade Ukraine during his presidency. According to him, any Russian attempt to launch an attack would have been futile. He spoke about how he would have negotiated a deal even in the worst case. 

The deal is basically to allow Russia to take over certain parts of Ukraine to put an end to the war. Trump mentioned that there are some Russian-speaking areas in Ukraine that he would have allowed Putin to annex.

Earlier last year, the Republican praised his former Russian counterpart for his “smartness.” He referred to how Putin had declared independence for major parts of Ukraine before illegally annexing it.

Fox News removes Trump’s peace strategy from interview telecast

On the day of the interview, radio show host Sean Hannity played excerpts on his prime-time Fox News show. In this telecast, the part was cut out where Trump suggested he may have supported handing over parts of Ukraine to Russia. The TV excerpt was edited to show Trump saying, “I could’ve negotiated,” and stops there.

In response to this decision, a Fox News spokesperson has said that the original interview was on a different platform and 22 minutes in length. However, the excerpt is just a two-minute feature and cannot include everything. 

Fox News is known to be favorable to the Republican party and the news agency was instrumental in getting Donald Trump elected as President. However, he has seemingly fallen out of favor as Fox News prominently features Florida’s Ron DeSantis now.

A brief history of Trump, Putin, Russia, and Ukraine 

During the time of his presidency, Trump never opposed Putin directly despite his authoritarian regime in Russia. He has openly stated that he trusts Putin more than the FBI, when Russia had reportedly meddled with his election. Trump almost withdrew from NATO, the main Western coalition against Russia. 

Furthermore, in 2019, Trump was impeached as President over some serious allegations of threatening to withhold Ukraine’s military aid. In return, Ukraine had to dig up dirt on the political rival and current US President Joe Biden.

Twitter reacts to Trump’s controversial statement


Russia launched a full-fledged invasion on Ukraine earlier last year and since then, the region has only seen turmoil. The illegal annexation sent shockwaves across the global community as most of them sided with the Ukrainian people in solidarity against Putin.

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SOURCES: Sean Hannity, Fox News

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