In a survival game such as Icarus, death does not signify the end. Players can easily respawn and gather the gear that was dropped. Even the teammates have the ability to revive dead players. Permadeath in Icarus is prevalent.

The time to complete a given mission may run out, and players might be unable to make it back to their respective drop pod in time. In such situations, their character will be lost for eternity. This loss is amplified with the loss of skills and progress that have been acquired and learned. Hence, trust us, you don’t want to miss that rocket ride straight into space.

There was however particular confusion about this unique feature of permadeath. Players did not fully understand this feature or maybe they halted playing mid-mission. In other cases, players must have forgotten to boot up the game again after the mission timer ran out.

In any case, this feature had many players shocked and surprised at their loss of character and progress. Icarus has been no stranger to bugs and server outages. Many players might have missed their rocket rides with no fault of their own.

The Great Revival

Developer RocketWerkz on Steam posted that Icarus has “revived 22,000 [abandoned] characters and 42,000 dead characters that were left behind on prospects after time ran out”.

“There are a number of ways you could have lost your character and your hard-earned XP, talents, and blueprints, such as bugs that trap characters (hopefully since resolved in our hotfixes and updates) or server downtime.”

“We may not have been clear enough to new players learning the game that unless you return to your dropship before the timer expires, then you lose your character permanently—abandoned on the planet surface. While these issues don’t affect all players, when you lose a character unfairly it hurts.”

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