If Google Stadia Failed What Would Happen? Here’s The Answer From The Creators

This wouldn't be the first time a Google project fails!

The new game streaming service of the Mountain View giant, Google Stadia, will be launched next November. Unlike traditional consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, Google Stadia is not based on local hardware. Except for the Stadia Controller and, in case you want to play directly on Smart TV, the Google Chromecast Ultra. All the data, therefore, can be found in the cloud and this leads users to ask themselves a question: what would happen if Google Stadia failed and the service was closed? It would not be the first time a Google project fails.

The answer came during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) through the voice of the director of product Andrey Doronichev. Here are his words:

“I understand what you are asking. Moving to the cloud is scary. I felt the same way when the music switched to streaming. I still have all my CDs in the garage, but now it’s hard to find a CD player, right? The same happened with the films and the photographs and all my text documents. And it’s great. The games are no different. At some point, all our games will be safe in the cloud”. He added that “nothing in life is certain, but we are working hard to make Stadia a success.”

It was also explained that Google Stadia will support the “Takeout” feature as of D1: this allows you to download game metadata (including saves). The games themselves, however, will only be available in streaming, as we already knew. So if Google Stadia were to close we would lose access to everything.

However, this is a concern also applicable to normal digital games purchased on PCs and consoles. If the store closes, everything that hasn’t already been downloaded and all the online features of the games are lost. Tell us, are you worried about this possibility?



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