‘If they tell us, it’s not spying’: Twitter reacts to Kim Jong-un announcing North Korea’s first military spy satellite

Kim Jong-Un North Korea spy satellite

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un has publicly revealed his country’s first military spy satellite, which he ordered to be launched. The move is believed to enhance North Korea’s capability to deliver a nuclear warhead to the US mainland and monitor its allies. While no date has been specified for the launch, Kim has urged officials to speed up preparations. 

During the announcement, Kim Jong-Un accused the US of turning South Korea into an “advanced base for aggression.” He stated that real-time information on hostile forces’ military activities is North Korea’s top priority. A spy satellite is just one of the many advanced weapons that North Korea has been developing.

Why did Kim Jong-un announce North Korea’s first military spy satellite?

North Korea is building up its military to counter South Korea and the US’ military advances in the region. The spy satellite is one such measure to increase their strength, as the UN Security Council resolutions prohibit North Korea from conducting ballistic missile tests.

Recently, North Korea has been carrying out missile tests regularly, with about 100 rounds since last year. Just a few days ago, the country successfully launched a solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile. Now, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has confirmed the development of a reconnaissance satellite.

The US and South Korea are conducting more military exercises to counter North Korea’s nuclear threat. North Korea claims it has the right to launch civilian satellites. However, it’s also improving its ballistic missiles’ ability to carry nuclear warheads. These would target the US and its Asian allies.

Previous military and space program launches by North Korea

Last year, North Korea launched a test satellite that produced black-and-white images of South Korean cities. Experts in South Korea believed that the pictures were of low quality. However, Kim Jong-Un’s sister claimed that the test satellite had a commercial camera and wasn’t designed for surveillance.


In February 2016, North Korea claimed to have launched an earth-observation satellite into space as part of its space program. However, the satellite never reached orbit. Meanwhile, their neighbors South Korea are all set to advance their space program with the launch of the Nuri rocket.

Social media reactions to Kim Jong-un’s spy satellite announcement

Kim Jong-Un is always a highly talked-about figure on Twitter. Whenever he does or says something, it quickly spreads among Twitter users, becoming a trending topic. His actions and statements because they have a direct impact on North Korea, as well as on international politics.

Kim Jong-Un spy satellite North Korea
Image courtesy of Twitter

The reactions towards Kim Jong-Un’s spy satellite have been quite hilarious. People are questioning why someone would openly announce they are going to spy. They believe that it defeats the whole purpose of the satellite.

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