BabyZone's video

IGN Brasil stole a YouTuber’s video and uploaded it to their Facebook page. They didn’t have any authorization nor did they ask for any permission from the original creator. In their apology, they’ve called it a “mistake”.

YouTuber BabyZone’s video from February 9th, 2020, was uploaded on IGN Brasil’s page. In fact, IGN stamped their logo, in an effort to cut off the original BabyZone watermark.

IGN Brasil published this video on its Facebook page on May 26 as a screenshot claims. Here’s the original video –

BabyZone called out IGN Brasil in a tweet, where they wrote, “Uploading my DeepFake videos to your Facebook page without authorization after trying to cut my watermark and using yours in place is called “STEALING”. I spend over 3 weeks making each deepfake and you just used it to make money! Shame!”

Four hours later to them pointing this out, IGN Brasil tweeted out an apology. In the apology, the team wrote, “From the IGN Brasil team, we are deeply sorry for this. We understand our mistake and we deleted the video. This is not going to happen anymore and we are committed to mention individual creators when we share videos in the future.”

Here are two screenshots captured by BabyZone –

BabyZone's video

BabyZone's video

It isn’t the first time IGN plagiarism someone else’s content. For instance, IGN US ripped off YouTuber Boomstick Gaming’s Dead Cells review back in August 2018. The person responsible, Filip Miucin was immediately let go after the internet caught the attention of the entire situation.

In another instance, IGN Brasil copied the script of a YouTuber named Psyclown back in 2017. Here’s an archived tweet


It is to note that, BabyZone doesn’t have any legal rights to his Deepfake content as it infringes on the copyright of Warner Bros. and the celebrities.

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