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Hey nerds, do you think you’re done crying about Stranger Things 4 finale? Well, think again because we’ve got something to show you.

Writers of the show have revealed the scenes improvised by the actors this season. It’s making everyone even more emotional. So let’s take a look at them!

When Eddie said “I love you, man” to Dustin

Seconds before Eddie loses his breath in the Upside Down, Dustin was holding on to him crying. After he told Dustin that he did not run away that time and is finally his year to graduate, he added saying “I love you, man” making it his final words.

Joseph Quinn who played Eddie certainly did amazing adding that improvised line. It added more pain and tears to the scene especially when Gaten Matarazzo who portrayed Dustin understood the assignment by replying “I love you too.”

When Lucas said “Erica, help!”

In the scene where Max came back to her severely injured body, she told Lucas that she doesn’t want to die. Lucas was trying his best to comfort Max and hold on to the situation. Suddenly, she stopped moving and isn’t responding anymore.

Lucas then shouted “Erica, help!” and it’s the most heartbreaking line ever especially after knowing it was improvised by Caleb Mclaughlin. The way he said it, you can feel how heavy the pain was in his voice. He was desperate for help to save the love of his life.

When Joyce and Hopper made out

Joyce and Hopper have finally kissed each other after all the tension they felt since season 3. Their kiss was unexpected but it certainly made all Stranger Things fans’ hearts flutter. It’s good to know that Jopper is officially sailing on the show.

Winona Ryder and David Harbour are indeed professional actors. It was great for them to add this improvised kissing scene. Their chemistry together on screen is beautiful to see.

Stranger Things casts are very talented

Upon seeing the entire season, the Stranger Things casts once again proved how good they are. Aside from their improvised scenes, their acting skills are remarkable which made the season even better.

There is no surprise since they previously won “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series” from the Screen Actors Guild Awards back in 2017.

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So a round of applause to all of the incredible actors in the show. Job well done!

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