India Celebrates National Cinema Day; Ticket Price + Movie Schedule

For the first time in the Indian film industry, the Multiplex Association of India has decided to celebrate National Cinema Day  – which will make watching the latest movies easier for the Indian cinema industry and movie lovers across the country. The multiplex chains which have taken part in this celebration include PVR, INOX, Carnival, Cinepolis, and more than 4000 other such big screens.

Multiplex Association of India said in their recent tweet “National Cinema Day will bring together audiences of all ages to enjoy a day at the movies.” It went on to thank movie lovers and moviegoers for returning to the multiplex scene in the post-pandemic world.

Multiplex Association of India has further announced that on 16th September 2022, all movie tickets throughout the country will be distributed at the flat rate of Rs 75.

Many netizens suspect that this decision has been made after the United States Cinema Association conducted a similar event on the third of September, last weekend.

History of Indian Cinema

The history of Indian cinema is so vast and diverse that it can safely be counted as a field that has always exposed Indian artists to the global arena.

India Celebrates National Cinema Day Ticket Price + Movie Schedule - Satyajit Ray
Image Courtesy of Financial Times

Indian cinema produces more than 800 films a year. Almost every regional language has its own production industry. The Indian cinema industry has always been contemporaneous with its companions in other countries, which is why it is still relevant today.

  • Cinema first came to India on July 17th, 1896, only six months after the Lumiere Brothers’ show in Paris.
  • Indian cinema was able to spring into motion and gain success in pre-independent India.
  • From the very beginning, it was able to create an impact in the minds of Russian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Korean, Turkish, and African audiences.
  • It has produced great creators like D G Phalke and Satyajit Ray who can contest the multimedia genius of any decade or background.
  • Colour movies came to Indian screens just decades after American Studios launched them in 1935.
India Celebrates National Cinema Day Ticket Price + Movie Schedule - Jyoti Cinema
Image Courtesy of Telegraph India

Recently, enthusiasts have started noting a lack of representation and diversity in the stories produced by Indian cinema. Some experts claim this is why it is losing out in its popularity.

3rd September 2022: the United States Celebrates National Cinema Day

The United States cinema Association declared to celebrate National Cinema Day on the third of September, last weekend. They launched movie tickets at a price as low as $3.

Experts who closely follow the transition of the post-pandemic film industry consider the event on 3rd September to be a success. As Spider-Man: No Way Home, the more fun version gracefully topped the box office, there is a rising suggestion that movie lovers are willing to return to the big screens when the price of tickets is not a consideration.

India’s National Cinema Day: MAI’s great opportunity

The multiplex Association of India announcing The National Cinema Day is a great opportunity in today’s multiplex industry. The great revenue collection from blockbuster hits early this year is a hope that multiplex culture can make a comeback. Cinema houses made good money from

  • KGF : Chapter 2

  • RRR
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Along with the onset of the Bollywood Boycott trend, more and more critical voices are challenging the current film industry and multistarrer movies are now failing to do well.

Moreover, as mentioned by MIA, movie culture has changed majorly in the post-pandemic world. More and more multimedia enthusiasts are now switching to digital streaming platforms and no longer desire the traditional experience.

We are yet to understand whether the changing scene in India is majorly due to extravagant prices, or whether movie lovers expect a complete 360 degree in movie making.

Where to buy tickets for National Cinema Day? Price, movie schedule, predictions

All small and big multiplex associations and chains have taken part in the national cinema day celebration. Companies which are advertising this stark decrease in rates include

  • Inox
  • Cinepolis
  • Carnival
  • Miraj
  • Citypride
  • Asian
  • Mukta A2
  • Movie Time
  • Wave
  • M2K
  • Delite

The main movies which are supposed to benefit from this major celebration are being included in almost every movie schedule.

  • Beast: 2nd September 2022
  • Yaar Mera Titliyaan Warga (Punjabi) : 2nd September 2022
  • Brahmastra Part One: Shiva: 9th September 2022
  • The Woman King : 16th September 2022

Brahmastra will be the greatest movie in the halls this month to benefit from this initiative, many say.

Prices are kept at a flat of Rs 75.

  • Flat Rate : Rs. 75

(Taxes levied by online booking platforms and third party apps will however be applicable)

 Don’t forget to comment down below on whether or not you will be going to the cinemas on 16th September.

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SOURCES: Financial Times, Telegraph India