India Gaming Awards 2018: Awards, Nominees, Dates & More

Nodwin Gaming – the pillars of the Indian esports community – is teaming up with Exhibit Magazine – a technology cum lifestyle publication – to introduce the first instalment of India Gaming Awards.

India Gaming Awards is Nodwin’s partnered initiative with Exhibit Magazine to honour the best of gaming from across the country. Ranging from ‘Game of The Year’ to ‘Gaming Influencer’, India Gaming Awards is tight-packed with some fascinating titles to award.

The Award show features a total of twenty-two awards, ranging from best tournaments, computer accessories to best streamers, influencers and more. Here’s the entire list of awards –

Game Of The Year – PC
Game Of The Year – Console
Esport Game Of The Year
Gaming Laptop Of The Year
Gaming Mobile Of The Year
VR Technology Of The Year
Gaming Display Of The Year
Gaming Mouse Of The Year
Gaming Headset Of The Year
Gaming Keyboard Of The Year
Gaming Cafe Of The Year
ISP Of The Year
Gaming Event Of The Year With Livestream
Captain Of The Year
Player Of The Year
Team Of The Year
Gaming Content Writer
Gaming Influencer
Caster Of The Year
Cosplayer Of The Year
Streamer Of The Year
Gaming Cabinet Of The Year

For each category, there’s a list of 5 nominations or more. To check out the entire nominees’ list, click here.

The awards will be presented on the basis of a jury and curated online votes. You can register and start casting your votes for your favourite contenders. Just register yourself on the Nominations page, and start casting your votes right away.

As it is a new initiative from both the brands, India Gaming Awards will be a closed event. The organisers will be pushing out invites, based on which, you can conclude if you’re eligible to attend the event or not.

The main event will be held on 4th August at The St. Regis Mumbai. For complete address and direction details, click here.

With this step, the India Gaming scene is sure to develop. However, before concluding anything in advance, proper polish and rechecks are duly appreciated. No doubt, it is an amazing initiative, but it’d be a success only if it lives up to the community’s expectations.

We hope this initiative turns out to be a compelling one. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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