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Indie Hunt

Love games? We all do. Love indie games? If yes, Indie Hunt is just for you.

Indie games are the best part of the videogame industry. Because of determined independent game developers, we get to see a huge amount of unique games every year. So, why don’t we take a look on the best indie games? Every week?

Almost hundreds of indie games are being made and published every month. And some of them deserves the “must-play” tag. It’s not possible for us to try out each and every one of those, but why not give a try to the best?

Allow us to introduce “Indie Hunt“. A weekly indie-list where we feature the most unique, creative and deserving so that you don’t have to search around by yourself. We’ll be featuring 8 indie games we found play-worthy, for you to try out.

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Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on Indie Hunt. The first Indie Hunt episode goes live on 20th November, so make sure you don’t miss it. It’s going to be an epic journey. We’ll be making a page for you to know more about the series, help us make it a success and contribute towards the video-game community.

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