INFINITE Fans Criticize MLD Entertainment, Stage Name “L” Given to New:ID Member

INFINITE fans criticize MLD Entertainment for using L as stage name for New:ID member

What’s there in the name? Quite a lot as MLD Entertainment and their latest Filipino boy group, New:ID, are under the scrutiny of K-pop boy group INFINITE’s fans over the stage name ‘L.’ This new conflict has gotten the freshly debuted group into controversy. However, the matter is a complicated one. Read ahead to find out why.

INFINITE fans criticize MLD Entertainment for New:ID member’s stage name

The South Korea-based label MLD Entertainment is gaining criticism from the fans of the K-pop boy group INFINITE for using the stage name ‘L.’ The agency recently debuted its second Filipino boy group, New:ID, on September 22, 2023, following the success of HORI7ON.

  • They also revealed the profile of the group’s members along with their debut single, E.R. The group includes five members, namely, WILSON, MACKY, L, THAD, and JOM, who are former contestants of the survival show Dream Maker (featuring their sunbae group HORI7ON).
  • Out of all the members of New:ID, the singer Vincent Josh Labing-isa faces controversy over his stage name, overlapping with INFINITE‘s Kim Myung-Soo’s stage name ‘L.’ Fans of INFINITE are criticizing the agency for being sly in promoting their group and requesting them to change the stage name.

Why are INFINITE fans urging MLD Entertainment to change the stage name of New:ID’s L?

As per the notes of INSPIRIT, the stage name of INFINITE’s L has a vast legacy attached to it since his debut in 2010. He is not only a popular member of the K-pop group with many hits in their discography but also a Hallyu actor famous for acting in K-dramas like Angel’s Last Mission: Love, Numbers, and more.

  • However, the two groups have different audiences. INFINITE’s L is a South Korean singer primarily singing in the Korean language; the group New:ID’s music is driven by Filipino charms falling under the category of P-pop. Some people are also debating if the name change is truly necessary.
  • To complicate the matter more, in some of the original articles published before the debut of the Filipino quintet, Vincent Josh Labing-isa used the name Josh L. The agency’s intentions, which aren’t unversed from INFINITE’s L, confuse K-pop fans.
  • MLD Entertainment has yet to respond to the mass emails and clarify the rising criticism surrounding their New:ID member’s name.


More about MLD Entertainment’s New:ID

The Filipino boy group New:ID debuted under MLD Entertainment on September 22, 2023. All five group members, WILSON, MACKY, L, THAD, and JOM, participated in the survival show Dream Maker organized by MLD Entertainment, KAMP Korea, and ABS-CBN Entertainment.

  • Although the members couldn’t win the competition, they did win the hearts of fans and a chance to train under the K-pop labels in South Korea and finally debut as a group. Their debut single, E.R., featuring catchy beats with the powerful vocals of the group, is steadily gaining the support of Filipino and Korean fans.
  • Netizens hope that MLD Entertainment will quickly resolve the confusion regarding the name so the group New:ID can showcase their talents without any shadows of indirect criticism.

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