Gameplays, Reviews and Perfect Scores! Playdead did it again!

Playdead, the creators of LIMBO, has come up with their new puzzle platformer indie game – INSIDE. We saw its Reveal Trailer at this year’s Microsoft’s E3 Panel. Even though the trailer was about one minute long, it didn’t reveal much about the game. It gave a few clues on the plot, but many things were still not clear.

PewDiePie, world’s most subscribed YouTuber and a funny video-game commentator recently uploaded a video in which he plays INSIDE right from the beginning. He titled the video as – “BEST INDIE GAME 2016?? (Inside – Part 1)”. He starts it by talking about Playdead, and that they created one of his favorite Indie games, LIMBO.

Next he mentions that the game isn’t out yet. However, he’s able to play it just for us (bros) to have a look at the game’s gameplay. The video is about 24 minutes long and is funny and quite interesting to watch as always. Even IGN has uploaded a 10-minute walkthrough of the game associated with their INSIDE Review.

Many websites have already published their reviews on the game, out of which IGN and gave it a 10/10 score. It is obvious that these popular websites get their hands on the game very early. Read Kirk Hamilton’s article to know how he already completed the game even before its E3 Reveal Trailer. Check Metacritic for complete details.

The game is getting its worldwide release tomorrow i.e., June 29th for the Xbox One and on June 7th for Steam. Make sure to stay tuned for more INSIDE news. Keep in touch with Spiel Times for more gaming, technology and esports related information, news and stuff.