How To Find All of Inside’s Hidden Rooms and The Alternate Ending


Let the lamps glow.

Playdead’s new psychological-horror puzzle-platformer game Inside is out. The game has a slight taste of what we had from Limbo. But with it’s 2.5D Graphics, use of colors, interesting puzzles and easter eggs, it’s a big move by Playdead.

Unlike Limbo, Playdead has created some secret rooms that has lamps you can break along with an alternate ending. The 2.5-dimensional graphics and use of colors makes the game look even better and scarier.

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If you’re wondering how did the guys at GameInformer finished the game so early, let me tell you that the game isn’t that lengthy. Read: INSIDE: Gameplay Walkthrough & Reviews are Already Out to know more.

Playdead’s Inside got released for Xbox One on June 29th and is coming for PC on 7th July. Keep in touch with Spiel Times for more gaming, technology and esports related information, news and stuff.

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INSIDE: Gameplay Walkthrough & Reviews are Already Out

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