Spider-Man PS4

Insomniac’s Spider-Man is around the corner and just a few weeks from its global launch. In the midst of many interviews, discussions and Q&A sessions, Insomniac revealed the most challenging aspect of Spider-Man’s development and how they overcame it.

In an interview on Games ™ Issue 203, Creative Director Bryan Intihar said, “We didn’t have a ton of experience making a third-person brawler where you’re using melee and other devices in combat at Insomniac”.

The developer didn’t have much experience with third-person hand-to-hand combat as Insomniac is predominantly known for its work on Ratchet and Clank, Resistance and Spyro games, but not a third-person brawler.

“You look at Ratchet, you look at Resistance and you look at Sunset Overdrive…We’re a big shooter company, and we’re really well known for our creative weapons. It definitely was a little bit of a learning curve. We asked ourselves really early on, ‘well, what can Spider-Man do that others can’t?’ and then the world improvisation started to come up a lot.”

Spider-Man PS4

“You know, it’s hard to get someone to actually swing kick in real life,” said Intihar. “But the benefits of living in Los Angeles is that we have a lot of great stunt people who live here, and we’ve had people who have done many amazing superhero things, and it’s amazing to see what they can do when they’re just flipping around. So it’s actually a combination of both.”

“We went heavy on web usage. Whether it’s the quick, rapid-fire webs or looking for things in the environment that you can grab and pull. When the gadgets and suit powers really started to get implemented – when we got him up in the air – that’s when it really felt like a Spider-Man experience met an Insomniac game to me.”

“The combat team at Insomniac worked their butts off to get this right. It was extremely hard; it was, in terms of overall development, definitely one of our greatest challenges.”

Spider-Man releases September 7th, exclusively on the PS4. Make sure you subscribe to our push-notifications and never miss an update on Spider-Man. Until next time, Happy Gaming!

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