Instagram star Morgan Osman Plane Video goes Viral; What happened?

Instagram star Morgan Osman plane viral video

Social media has redefined the idea of who a celebrity is, and a self-proclaimed Instagram star has made headlines for believing in this a little too much. An influencer named Morgan Asman was featured in a viral video from a plane after she openly claimed that she was an Instagram star. Her unruly behavior on the American Airlines flight has sparked backlash and humorous reactions on social media platforms. Let’s explore the viral video of Instagram star Morgan Osman and what exactly happened on the plane. 

Viral video of Morgan Osman on the plane

Before the woman’s outburst, things seemed perfectly normal, with passengers settling into their seats on the American Airlines flight. Out of nowhere, Morgan Osman began her loud tirade, which has now gone viral on social media platforms.

In the clip, she verbally attacks her fellow passengers and uses a lot of profanity. She goes on to make claims about her social media stardom as she shouts, “I’m Instagram famous!” followed by more cuss words.

She creates a chaotic scene with her outburst and derogatory language towards other passengers. In fact, it’s clear that Morgan Osman demanded to be filmed doing all this. Authorities brought it to an end as they escorted her off the plane. 

It is unclear how this whole situation came into place. Regardless, passengers were at a loss for words. The viral video has now made the woman truly Instagram-famous, even if she wasn’t before. 

Who is Instagram star Morgan Osman?

Morgan Osman’s Instagram handle @officialmorganbritt had over 973k followers before her account was deleted or suspended in September 2023. A self-proclaimed designer based in Miami and Los Angeles, Osman had an active online presence.

Before her Instagram fame, the woman appeared on reality TV shows like Bad Girls Club 5, where she was removed from the house in the second episode for breaking into the producer’s room. She also had a stint on the VH1 reality series Miami Monkey.

Earlier last month, Morgan Osman made headlines by claiming that she had dated Britney Spears’ ex, Sam Asghari. This led to rumors that the pop star’s relationship ended due to infidelity. Osman even posted a picture of her kissing Asghari.

According to reports, Morgan Osman is currently in a relationship with Philipp Plein, another Instagram-famous designer. He frequently posts about his lavish lifestyle, restaurant visits, and luxury purchases. 

Social media reactions

The viral video of Morgan Osman’s disruptive behavior on the American Airlines flight caused quite a stir on platforms like X (Twitter). Most reactions called out her claims of fame as genuine celebrities do not need to announce their status.

Netizens resorted to calling her names like ‘Cringe Kardashian‘ and mocked the fact that she was still a ‘flying coach’ despite her celebrity status. Others called for her ban from future flights. 

The incident was a callback to another recent viral video of a woman, which incidentally also unfolded on an American Airlines flight. Notably, the woman had been removed from the flight after claiming that her fellow passenger was ‘unreal.’

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