Internet star Hasbulla: Reason Why he is ‘Arrested’ in Dagestan

Hasbulla arrested for breaking traffic laws in Dagestan

Internet’s beloved celebrity Hasbulla Magomedov is arrested in Dagestan and his friends for violating traffic laws. According to the reports, the influencer and his friends disturbed other drivers and were detained. Following the initial investigation, Hasbulla got arrested by the Dagestan officials.

Russian influencer Hasbulla suffers from a genetic disorder in which the body cannot produce growth hormones. Due to this condition, many mistakes Hasbulla for a child while he is an adult approaching his 21st birthday.

Why is Hasbulla Magomedov arrested in Dagestan, and will he serve jail time?

According to recent reports, Dagestan’s Internal Affairs shared with the media that Hasbulla and his friends broke traffic laws by driving into the street and blocking a main road. The group was soon taken into police custody and charged with administration violence. They also shared that Hasbulla was celebrating a friend’s wedding when the incident occurred, and such instances are common.

  • As per the reports of Marca, the officials disclosed that due to a lack of entertainment sources blocking roads, burning rubber, and smashing cars are common. “Unbridled wedding celebrations in Dagestan are known far beyond the borders of the republic,” the statement claimed.

  • The Internal Affairs report stated that Hasbulla and others confessed to driving wild due to wedding emotions. “Police took custody of all the participants of the celebration and the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan drew up administrative protocols for all violations,” the statement read.
  • The native of Dagestan, Hasbulla Magomedov, apologized for his actions through social media. He shared that he wasn’t the one driving the car and promised that he should never repeat such a mistake. “That won’t happen again, we apologize,” Hasbulla posted the Instagram Story on behalf of his friends as well. “We had to answer [police inquiry] for it a bit [and] I wasn’t driving either.”
  • According to the statements and the description of the law violation, it doesn’t seem like Hasbulla Madomedov will require to face imprisonment penalty. However, netizens criticize him as his arrest comes weeks after his controversial cat abuse video.

Hasbulla Madomedov’s arrest comes after his recent cat abuse controversy

Hasbulla abused a cat a few weeks back
Hasbulla with his cat and pulling his ear (Image via Twitter)

This is the second time in a matter of a few months that Hasbulla’s been in trouble. Recently, netizens criticized Hasbulla for allegedly abusing his cat after (now deleted) a controversial video of him went viral. In the clip, Hasbulla was seen pulling Barsik’s cat’s ears and punching its head several times when the cat tried to retreat from him.

  • In light of the backlash, Hasbulla defended his actions stating that his cat was misbehaving and required discipline. He further accused the trolls of taking the clip out of context and reassured them that his cat is dear to him. “[Barsik] was misbehaving, so I reprimanded her by pulling the ear; that’s it. I love my cat more than you, and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have it at my home.”
  • Although the abuse in the video remains debatable, netizens agree that Hasbulla does care for his cat. He has often expressed his attachment to Barsik through various videos and interviews.

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