Ubisoft Sam - Personal Gaming Assistant

We’re living in an age where personal assistants are becoming crucial members of our day-to-day lives. No, not the real “human” assistants, but the ones that live on our smartphones and smart speakers. But do we have a personal assistant that can help us with our games, our progress, achievements and purchases? I really don’t thi…

Introducing “Sam”. Ubisoft’s very own personal gaming assistant that has the power to answer, “Who is the best assassin? Bayek or Ezio?”. (*whispering* Ezio forever!) Here’s how Sam can help you with your Ubisoft games.

Me: Hey Sam, what can you do exactly?

Sam: Hi Pingal. I’m your Personal Gaming Assistant. I was designed to help you with your Ubisoft games. Ask me questions or start to play Rainbow 6 Siege and I’ll show you what I can do!

Me: I don’t have Rainbow Six Seige.

*The End*

Sam looks almost like the Reddit bot, but instead of round, he has a square face. Wait, is this even relevant? Argh. Here, watch the trailer –

From what I observed and noted from the trailer, it tells you

– how long you’ve played a game

– answers questions related to Ubisoft games

– informs what your friends are playing

 – helps in purchasing games

– reminds you when your friend accepts your game Rendez-Vous requests

– shows trailers for new Ubisoft games

– shows game completion progress

Also, it knows when you’re playing a game and suggests you guides and videos based on your performance and helps you overcome stages where you failed in earlier game sessions. 

“Oh! I see you started playing! Welcome back, D3r3k!”

“I’ve looked at your latest matches… I saw you lost one on the Theme Park map. I can help you master this zone.”

Sam is available as a part of the existing Ubisoft Club App. The personal assistant is now available in beta but only for Canada. Nothing about a global release has been said so far. Make sure to subscribe to our push-notifications to stay updated with Sam. Until next time, Happy Gaming!