Iron Man Suits vs. The Avengers Who would win?
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Iron Man Suits vs. The Avengers Who would win?
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While Tony Stark’s wits can take on the other members of the Avengers, did it ever cross your mind that the Iron Man suits decides to take down every member of the Avengers for some weird, out-of-this-world reason? What if the countless suits of Iron Man, with minds of their own, decide to take down the powerful members of the Avengers, including Tony Stark?

This could be another Ultron domination but let us try to explore this theory. Could the Iron Man Suits defeat the Avengers? 

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It would be nice to see this in the movies but we only see this once in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The battle between The Hulk and the Hulkbuster. Hulkbuster won. So, Iron Man suits – 1; Avengers – 0.

Now that that is out of the way. Let’s see other scenarios in the comics that left the Avengers begging for their life.

Sentient Armor vs. Tony Stark

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Now, this one is huge. In the comics, Tony’s armor becomes sentient while fighting Whiplash during a thunderstorm. The improved electric whip causes a massive discharge in combination with the storm, and Tony suffers a massive heart attack as a result.

The sentient armor got along with Tony, improves itself, learns, and makes suggestions. It even professes a deep fondness for its creator. But it seems to relish being Iron Man and, during a battle with Whiplash again, it takes control killing Whiplash, even though Tony’s goal is to subdue the villain. Tony realizes that the Armor’s sentience was causing a much larger power drain than usual and that the Armor would need to recharge soon.

In hopes to convince the Armor of the error of its murderous act or force it to shut down, Tony takes the Armor to Whiplash’s funeral and witnesses the son of Whiplash as he sobs over his father’s casket. Unmoved and desperate to return to Stark House to recharge, the Armor requests Tony to get them back to Stark House before it kills everyone at the funeral.

Upon their return, the armor connects itself directly to Stark House, claiming to be ‘collecting data’ to properly understand the moral lesson Tony attempts to teach it. But in reality, it was simply recharging itself so that Tony would not be able to shut it down.

Jocasta advised Tony to reach out for his older suit. As Tony prepares, the Sentient Armor attacks him. It becomes very clear to Tony and concludes that the older armor is no match for the newer and sentient version.

The armor violently slams Tony to the floor and rips off his armor piece by piece. Tony attempts to page the Avengers but the Sentient Armor crushes his arm.

After a painstaking encounter with the armor, Tony’s heart attacks only make the Armor go soft resulting in it taking out its cyborg heart.

The toll on Tony’s life is imminent if the Armor only did not learn sympathy. Nonetheless, Iron Man Suits – 2; Avengers – 0.

Thorbuster vs. Thor Odinson

Iron Man Suits vs. The Avengers Who would win?
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When Thor poses a grave danger to Slokovia, the U.S. government asks the Avengers to stop him from causing another World War. Iron Man came in as the Thorbuster. The Thorbuster was powered by an Asgardian crystal given by Thor himself at the same time the Asgardian armor channels the same power that gives Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, its strength. 

The Thorbuster suit can stop Mjolnir mid-flight as well as absorb Thor’s thunderous attacks and fire them back at him. But in the comics, the fight between Iron Man and Thor also ended at a standstill but Thor ripped the Thorbuster armor apart. Dude? You can’t defeat a god. It’s as simple as that. 

So, Iron Man Suits – 2; Avengers – 1

Iron Man Mk L vs Captain America

Iron Man Suits vs. The Avengers Who would win?
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We have seen Iron Man Mk 46 take on Captain America in Civil War. In Siberia, an emotionally-triggered Tony Stark takes on two 70-year-old veteran besties. The Mk 46 track Steve’s fighting patterns and end up charging up Cap one last time.

Of course, Tony went on to create another suit that can go up against Captain America should the need arise. That is Iron Mk L. Nanotechnology can never go wrong against a man out of his time.

And that’s the advantage of the Iron Man Suit. It constantly improves. Though, these two Avengers are undoubtedly powerful in their own right. Iron Man’s upgrades are simply too powerful and updated for Captain America. Iron Man would obliterate Captain America without even closing the distance if it were a fight to the death.

That’s an easy 3 for Iron Man Suits; Avengers – 1.

Stealth Armor vs. Black Panther

Iron Man Suits vs. The Avengers Who would win?
screengrab courtesy of Marvel Comics via

It is with no doubt that Vibranium is the strongest metal on earth. Who can use it at their disposal but none other than, Black Panther himself? Black Panther may be way ahead in terms of technology than Iron Man.

Incorporating nanotech with Vibranium is easy with Shuri engineering it. Even if the Iron Man suit gets its hand on Vibranium, it wouldn’t be enough.

The Stealth Armor may have improved over time but even with the absence of T’Challa for 5 years, Vibranium still holds more technologically relevant than what Iron Man might have acquired.

In terms of combat, Black Panther has the high ground. He has more mobility than any Iron Man suit and can simply find a weak point the panther can just attack. The Stealth Suit can go head-on with its silence and discreet attacks but the Black Panther can detect its movements thus its stealth may deem itself useless. But maybe in a battle of chess, they could go neck-to-neck. 

So, overall, Iron Man suits can defeat the Avengers. But what do you guys think? There are multiple possibilities for this mind-boggling thought. Share your wildest match-up and let’s discuss. 

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