Is a Fortnite UI Revamp Coming? All Leaked Images You Should See

fortnite UI Revamp

Fortnite Battle Royale may undergo a massive UI revamp in the foreseeable future. Reliable dataminers have found leaks regarding potential UI changes in this widely acclaimed game from Epic Games, sparking all sorts of discussions among the community. But, is this rumor true? Is Fortnite UI revamp really coming? Join us as we explore these leaked images that provide insights into what might be coming your way!

Fortnite Might Get a Massive UI Revamp

Fortnite might be on the verge of receiving a UI makeover, as suggested by a brief video leak from a reputable dataminer known as @ShiinaBR. This dataminer shared a sneak peek of what seems to be an upcoming visual interface update for the game via Twitter.

  • The initial discovery of this leak can be attributed to another prominent figure in the Fortnite community, @unrealhybrid, a well-known Fortnite data miner. 
  • However, it’s worth noting that the fan response to this new UI has been less than enthusiastic and has garnered harsh criticism across various social media platforms.

Epic Games has been no stranger to introducing significant changes to the game in recent years. However, the UI has largely remained untouched since the start of Chapter 2, which occurred almost four years ago.

Leaked Video Showing Numerous Changes

fortnite UI revamp
Screengrab courtesy of ShiinaBR via X

In this brief 14-second video, we catch a glimpse of several UI components, encompassing the home screen, item shop, career, and V-bucks tabs. However, it appears that Epic Games is veering towards a more oversimplified approach, which involves the removal of certain familiar tabs from the home screen.

  • Fans have expressed discontent over the absence of several vital tabs in the UI, including Quests, Battle Pass, and Compete
  • To the eye of many players, this new UI comes across as excessively simplified and fails to meet their satisfaction. 
  • Concerns have also been raised regarding a weird color scheme.
fortnite UI revamp
Screengrab courtesy of ShiinaBR via X

While change and innovation often generate excitement, the sentiment within the Fortnite community appears somewhat different in this instance. Adjusting to a redesigned UI after enjoying four years of a consistent interface presents a challenge for committed players who have become familiar with the layout.

Mixed Reactions from the Fortnite Community

Initial responses from the Fortnite community have been quite diverse. Some players find the idea of a UI overhaul intriguing, while others strongly criticize it. 

  • The leaked images have undergone thorough scrutiny, revealing mixed sentiments within the dedicated Fortnite player base.
  • While some individuals strongly disapprove of these changes, others are adopting a wait-and-see approach, hoping that Epic Games will refine the UI design before making it public.

This isn’t the first time Fortnite has encountered resistance to its UI decisions. Some players want the old UI layouts back, rather than further changes.

New UEFN Features

fortnite UI revamp
Image courtesy of ShiinaBR via X

In addition to the potential UI revamp, @ShiinaBR also leaked an Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) update. According to the leaker, this update is scheduled for release later this year.

It is set to introduce a range of exciting features:

  • Custom Lobby Backgrounds
  • Discovery Search
  • Content Recommender Row (aka ‘For You’ Page)
  • Playtest Groups
  • Fixed Perspective Camera
  • Custom HUD
fortnite EUFN update
Image courtesy of ShiinaBR via X

These exciting features have generated anticipation within the Fortnite community. It’s possible that this update could serve as a way to win over fans who may have expressed disappointment regarding the potential UI revamp.

Please be aware that this information has surfaced from a leaked source. No matter how reliable that source may be, it’s advisable to wait for official statements.

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