As the NBA playoffs reach a fever pitch, an air of uncertainty engulfs the City of Angels. The Los Angeles Lakers, vying for a spot in the finals, are facing a potential roadblock that could shift the tide of their semifinal clash against the Golden State Warriors. Whispers reverberate through the basketball world, with a cloud of speculation surrounding the absence of two of the Lakers’ biggest stars: Anthony Davis and LeBron James. With Game 6 on the horizon, Lakers fans hold their breath, questioning the fate of their championship aspirations. Will the absence of these dynamic forces tip the scales in favor of the relentless Warriors, or can the Lakers find a way to prevail in the face of adversity? The stage is set, the drama unfolds, and the fate of a franchise hangs in the balance.

Latest Los Angeles Lakers injury report: LeBron James and Anthony Davis probable for game 6

After getting elbowed in the head by Warriors center Kevon Looney, Anthony Davis was seen clutching his face and is definitely in pain. Davis has been on a tear in game 5 by posting 23 points and 9 rebounds but was forced to exit the game early in the fourth quarter. Moments later, the star power forward was brought to the locker room but never returned to the game. Unfortunately for the Lakers, they failed to seal the series as the Warriors take the blowout win, 121-106.

According to Los Angeles Lakers’ latest injury report, Anthony Davis is still probable for game 6. He is currently listed as day-to-day due to a foot injury, not a concussion. Further, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham said that Davis is looking well even after the collision.

Aside from AD, LeBron James is also questionable for game 6 against the Warriors in Oakland. The 38-year-old superstar is also listed day-to-day due to right foot soreness, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Lakers Injury Report May 12
Courtesy of ESPN

Despite the reports that are suggesting Anthony Davis and LeBron James could not play in the crucial game 6, the organization is optimistic they will show up. They are leading the series and are up 3-2 against Steph Curry and Golden State. But, without AD and LBJ, it could spell disaster for the purple and gold. Regardless, both stars are expected to play in the upcoming game 6.

Can the Warriors make a huge comeback in this series?

The reigning champs force game 6 after beating the Lakers in game 5, thanks to Steph Curry, Andrew Wiggins, and the surprising scoring output of Draymond Green. They were down 3-1 in the semifinal round and are just 1 game away from being eliminated in the 2023 NBA playoffs. However, the dubs still survive the series and extend it for one more game.

Before game 5, the Golden State Warriors had a very low chance of winning the 2nd round. For everyone’s information, almost every team that has a 3-1 lead will eventually win the series. Take note, ALMOST. Remember when LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers did the impossible against the Warriors in 2016? They made a huge comeback against the superteam. From being down 3-1, to being the NBA champions, the Cavaliers became the first to ever do this feat.

That being said, it’s never impossible for GSW to still win it all despite having the shorter end of the stick. Moreover, wouldn’t it be ironic that Steph Curry does the unimaginable to the same guy (LeBron James) who once did it to his team? Can they win it in 7?

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