Did BLACKPINK Lisa Confirm Leaving YG Entertainment? Airport Photos Stir Debate Among Fans

BLACKPINK Lisa's airport photos raise concerns about her contract renewal

Is this a sign? In the past few weeks, all the actions of BLACKPINK Lisa have been getting close attention. The Rapper of popular K-pop quartet has completed the seven years of their contract, and reportedly, only Rosé has decided to renew her contract with YG Entertainment. Meanwhile, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa plan to leave the agency. In light of the heated coverages, Lisa’s recent airport photos have worked as fuel, but is it a confirmation of her contract completion? Let’s find out.

Are BLACKPINK Lisa’s airport photos a confirmation of her departure from the agency?

On September 24, Lisa arrived at Incheon Airport to travel to Paris for her upcoming performance at the prestigious Crazy Horse Paris cabaret venue. The media wasn’t initially invited to the airport, but they soon gathered to get some clicks.

  • As soon as the airport photos started to make rounds among the main dancer’s fans, they noticed Lisa was traveling with her manager, Wonjae, but without bodyguards. BLINKs also stated that Jisoo was also traveling without other YG staff or security for recent schedules. Meanwhile, Rosé was traveling along with hers.
  • The videos and images of her arrival in Paris also only show her traveling with some security personnel that have nothing to do with YG Entertainment. Fans started to wonder if this was a hint of Lisa’s departure from her managing agency. Read some of their reactions below:

Media claims BLACKPINK Lisa did have a bodyguard at the airport

After BLINKs started to suspect the current situation of BLACKPINK Lisa’s contract renewal due to a lack of bodyguards on her recent travels, Korean media promptly released a statement refuting all the rumors.

  • In the clarification published by the Korean news outlet NEWSEN, they shared that Lisa did have the agency’s bodyguards with her. However, due to some confusion at the entrance and a lack of fans, the videos and photos appear as if she is traveling only with her manager.
  • BLINKs expressed feeling suspicious about this statement and wondered if YG Entertainment had anything to do with the clarification. Many fans also urged the agency to clarify the situation and provide proper safety for Lisa.

  • As of this writing, there are still no updates about the contract renewal of Lisa and the other BLACKPINK members. Fans must wait for further information about the group and members’ plans.

Why is BLACKPINK Lisa’s contract renewal important for YG Entertainment?

The recent debates about BLACKPINK Lisa’s contract renewal and YG Entertainment’s statements refuting all the reports of any member’s departure are making fans wonder why is this contract renewal so important. Some fans have also stated that the agency should clarify if any members haven’t renewed their contracts rather than delaying the announcement.

  • Meanwhile, Korean media have reported why one of the top K-pop agencies is delaying the final announcement of BLACKPINK Lisa’s contract renewal. As per them, YG Entertainment is going through a difficult period because BIGBANG and iKON aren’t promoting as a group, with some members leaving the agency.
  • Additionally, the debut of their girl group BABYMONSTER was delayed to raise the quality of their music. Therefore, BLACKPINK, who recently concluded their BORN PINK world tour, is an essential group for the company. Due to this, all the members, including Lisa’s contract renewal, are even more critical to the agency.

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