Is Destiny 2 coming to PS5?

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the most popular looter shooters out there and many fans are wondering if the game is coming to next-gen consoles. The good news is, it is coming to both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Most importantly, Bungie is promising the cutting edge renditions of Destiny 2 will uphold 60fps and 4K goal on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, denoting a huge bounce from the 30fps/1080p variant of the game on current-generation supports. 

Regardless of those upgrades, Bungie is promising that the cross-age adaptations will in any case be completely viable with one another: PlayStation 5 owners will have the option to play Destiny 2 with friends on the PS4 version, and Xbox Series X clients will have cross-play with the Xbox One version. All the more significantly, Bungie likewise teased that it was dealing with cross-stage play for at some point in 2021, which would, at last, make it workable for Xbox and PlayStation players to partake in Destiny 2 together. 

As a major aspect of that promise to supporting Destiny 2 on both current-age and cutting edge reassures, Bungie has additionally reported that current Destiny 2 proprietors on PS4 and Xbox One will get free moves up to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X variants of the game for all current content.  

The Xbox variant will depend on Microsoft’s Smart Delivery program (which offers cross-buying for the two comfort ages for taking an participating titles). However, the news is especially prominent for PlayStation fans, as it denotes the principal engineer responsibility toward offering a type of similar cross-purchase program for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. 

All things considered, it’s as yet not satisfactory whether Sony will offer a proper program for designers to offer free redesigned variants for different games (like, say, Cyberpunk 2077 or Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the two of which have vowed uphold for Microsoft’s Smart Delivery program). The allowed to-play nature of Destiny 2 makes it harder to tell if this is some sort of authority Sony program or if Bungie is simply depending on the way that it works a live-administration game like Fortnite that permits the organization to be more liberal with regards to respecting play buys across reassure ages. 

It’s likewise imperative to take note of that Bungie’s cross-buying will just apply inside comfort families — purchasing the forthcoming Beyond Light development on Xbox One will get you the Xbox Series X duplicate for nothing, however you’ll actually need to pay again on the off chance that you need to play it on the PlayStation consoles, PC, or Stadia. 

Bungie likewise prodded more about the eventual fate of how Destiny 2 will function for players as the game keeps on developing, flaunting its next three years of significant extensions, including the current year’s Beyond Light, 2021’s The Witch Queen, and 2022’s Lightfall. 

Moreover, however, Bungie reported another “Destiny Content Vault,” which will see current and past Destiny and Destiny 2 substance cycled all through the game after some time. For instance, this fall will see the Cosmodrome territory from the first Destiny re-visitation of the live game, with exemplary substance including unique strikes and the Vault of Glass attack set to go along with it throughout the following scarcely any months and into 2021. Some less momentum content — like the Curse of Osiris campaign — will be eliminated from the game in the not so distant future to account for the continual waterfall of new areas and modes. 


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