Is digital SIM better than SIM card?

Sponsored ArticleIn today’s world, everything is becoming easier for the average consumer. Gadgets, appliances are becoming more and more modernized every year, they include new features that help ordinary people to make life easier, faster and better. For example, the innovation in the form of digital SIM cards simplifies the life of every traveler, business owner and even a person who needs to use several SIM cards at the same time.


Let’s understand it in order! A digital eSIM is a chip that is embedded on the main board of a smartphone at the manufacturing stage. That is, in smartphones of the latest generations, one slot for a real sim card, and the second – exclusively virtual. This is a better option than a physical SIM card, it saves space on the smartphone body. With Esimplus virtual phone numbers, you can choose a tariff convenient for you and start using a digital SIM card in a few minutes.

Let’s take a look at the obvious advantages of digital SIM cards over our usual SIM cards.

1. eSIM is more convenient to connect for traveling. In case of a physical SIM-card, you would have to buy a card of a local operator or roaming, which is often expensive. Now there are many applications that allow you to get a virtual eSIM card in a few minutes. Also, a plus is the fact that the virtual SIM card you will not lose if you replace SIM cards.

2. A Virtual SIM card is issued and connected in just a few minutes. In comparison, to connect a physical card you need to visit the office of the mobile operator, perhaps bring your identity documents. Digital SIM card can be issued with the help of your smartphone and in just a few minutes.

3. The virtual SIM card is switched to the country to which you plan to travel. This is achieved by integrating eSIM technology almost worldwide. The fees are usually much less than for regular roaming. Therefore, when planning a trip, you can get a virtual SIM card in advance, choose the tariff and features included in the SIM card so that when you arrive in a new country, you will be in touch with relatives and friends.

4. With a virtual sim card, you can quickly switch operators. With a digital SIM card you can use one virtual eSIM card, but having one chip does not prevent you from having several tariff plans and switching between them when needed.

5. The virtual sim card offers a high level of protection. If you want, you can lock the entire stolen or lost smartphone, including the SIM card, when the virtual SIM card is connected. This feature will help protect your personal data from being stolen by fraudsters.

6. Virtual SIM card cannot be damaged or lost. Over time, any physical SIM card gets scuffed up and needs to be repaired and replaced. The plus side of eSIM is that the card is immediately sewn into the motherboard, and you can disconnect or reconnect it in a few clicks.

7. A digital sim card allows you to rid our planet of the plastic and metal particles found in physical sim cards. With a virtual SIM card, you are helping the planet and saving manufacturers from having to pay huge amounts of money to recycle a physical SIM card that contains very difficult to recycle metals. So when you use a virtual SIM card, you are saving nature.

Aside from the pluses, like any new technology, digital SIM has its drawbacks.

The first disadvantage is the complexity for mobile operators. Since it depends on them whether the virtual card will be supported or not. With the advent of digital SIM-card, the transition from one operator to another becomes much easier. If earlier for this purpose it was necessary to visit a communication salon, write an application and, if you wanted to leave the old number, wait for several days, then the registration of the virtual version of the SIM card takes place online.

The second disadvantage is that not all smartphone models support eSIM technology. If your device does not support a virtual card, then you will have to change your phone to use it.

The third disadvantage is that all user data when using eSIM is saved to cloud storage. On the one hand, the transfer of information becomes easier, but on the other hand, there is an opinion that storing data in cloud storage is not quite reliable.

Thus, a digital SIM card has many advantages over a physical SIM card. These advantages help you not only in special circumstances like traveling, but also in routine matters. When choosing a virtual SIM card for connection, we advise you to pay attention first of all to the model of your device and make sure that your smartphone supports virtual card technology.

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