Is DJ Khaled dead? Viral car crash rumor across social media explored

DJ Khaled death car crash rumor

DJ Khaled recently became a victim of a death rumor alleging the singer passed away in a fatal car crash. The speculation arose from an article claiming the singer lost his life due to using his phone while driving.

The news soon became viral on social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter. Many netizens expressed their shock and confusion regarding the rumors, however, they are factually incorrect and the popular singer is safe and alive.

In a time when social networking sites are the major sources of information, it is very easy for fake news to spread like wildfire. Photo, video, and audio-editing tools have also contributed to viral death hoaxes and fake news involving celebrities. Similarly, DJ Khaled’s death from a car accident is also a fake rumor with no factual basis.

Media reports rumor of DJ Khaled’s alleged death in a car crash

DJ Khaled dead car crash rumor
DJ Khaled looking sideways (Image courtesy of DJ Khaled via Instagram)

A website Not Allowed To published an article claiming DJ Khaled had passed away. They wrote that the singer was using Snapchat when the accident occurred and blamed lack of attention as the reason behind the rumored fatal accident.

They also mentioned that the artist suffered fatal injuries and was taken away on a stretcher by the emergency responders. Furthermore, they reported that the respected singer stopped to say a few words to his fans into a microphone.

  “Car crashes are key to success as well. They don’t want you to crash. A lot of people can’t handle car crashes but I CAN.”

By the end of the clickbait article, the publication clarified that the singer suffered mostly minor injuries. He received treatment for a minor fracture, bruises, and cuts. However, there is no evidence for the report and it is false.

DJ Khaled’s death hoax goes viral on social networking sites

Following the publication of DJ Khaled’s car crash article, misleading rumors of his death spread online. Many TikTok videos claiming various reasons including fatal shooting for the singer’s death started circulating.

One of the viral TikTok videos claimed Channel 46 news reported on the singer’s death. The user also added a description reading, “DJ Khaled’s death was reported to Broward country’s sheriff, and lead suspect Dedrick Devonshay Williams of Pompano was arrested.”

Albeit the detailed rumors featuring edited news clips and reports, the GOD DID singer is alive as there is no official announcement confirming the news. None of the big publications have mentioned the incident either. Hence, the rumor of DJ Khaled’s death is untrue.

Moreover, the rapper is uploading stories and posts on his Instagram handle as usual. He has uploaded videos capturing him playing golf in the past 24 hours. He looks well and happy as he enjoys his sporting afternoon in the clips.

Prior to DJ Khaled’s car accident death hoax, many other celebrities have also become a victim of fake death rumors including Tom Holland, Oprah Winfrey, and many more. Recently Justin Bieber also faced similar fatal car crash rumors, which were disclosed to be fake news.

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