Is God of War: Ragnarok Laggy and Unplayable on PS4? Full Details

Well, God of War: Ragnarok reviews are currently circulating on the Internet. With its release slated for November 9th, 2022, fans have been hyped up with the reviews. The developers and publishers made the game available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles respectively. The PS5 gameplay may be considered smooth, and worth purchasing on the said console. How about for the other? Is God of War: Ragnarok laggy and unplayable on PS4? If this is your question too, then you may want to keep reading to know the full details about it.

God of War: Ragnarok on PS4

Let’s come and point out the question, is God of War: Ragnarok unplayable on PS4? An absolute no would be the answer. Seriously, it may have looked like that game has so many enhancements, but this works really well for the older generation PlayStation console.

  • The game utilized a 4K resolution on PS5, while it sticks to the 1080p resolution on PS4. It may have looked like much of a difference comparing the resolutions used, but reviews say that it remains unnoticeable.
God of War on PS4, PS5 gameplay
God of War: Ragnarok on PS5 | Image Courtesy of PlayStation Blog
  • The details may have looked perfect as both consoles have similar detailing of the game. Although on PS4 the texture quality may seem lower, it doesn’t affect the gameplay. This leads us to confirm that the game is playable on PS4.

Is it laggy?

There are a few expected differences in the gameplay between the two consoles, but PS4 kept up well. It had been a long time since PlayStation 4 has been on the market, but the game seems to be highly optimized on the console.

  • We have reviewed the game on a PS4 Slim, it was one great experience for the years-old console. As we can quote, “The visuals are spectacular, the gameplay is smooth, there are no jitters, no lags, and no bugs, and almost every animation is perfect.
God of War on PS4, PS5 visual
God of War: Ragnarok on PS5 | Image Courtesy of PlayStation Blog
  • Seriously, if you’re planning to get your PS4 out of your shelves and boxes, the time is now. If you’re finding a new game to focus your playing hours to, maybe God of War: Ragnarok is for you.

God of War: Ragnarok on PS4 and PS5: The differences

We’ll just list down the differences you can expect when you play on PS4 compared to the latest Sony console. These are no such biggies, but it would still be nice to know.

  • The loading time: This is a difference we must expect between the two. The PS5 has less loading times, but not too far from a less than a minute loading of PS4. You wouldn’t have to wait for so long, so that’s still good!
  • The texture quality: As we have mentioned in our hands-on review of the game, the PS5 version is better. Although, we just cannot count out how the PS4 delivers the game with the details, the visuals, and smoothness too good. Worth to buy on PS4? Definitely.
God of War on PS4, website
Image Courtesy of PlayStation
  • The haptics: The DualSense controller offers haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support. Another expected difference, although this isn’t really something to dwell in. But if you prefer these advancements on the DualSense controller, well, get your PS5 ready.
  • The resolution: We talked about this earlier, the difference between a 4K and a 1080p resolution is quite huge. But when you play the game, pretty sure you wouldn’t notice this difference. The story itself is well enough to keep you hooked, the enticing visuals, and what else would you want to see?

To read the whole review, you may head over to the article below, enjoy!

Will you be getting God of War: Ragnarok on the PS4?

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