Is Lies of P open-world?

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Lies of P has been in development for a while now, and gamers couldn’t be more excited to get their hands on this action RPG from Round8 Studio and NeoWiz. Ahead of its release in August 2023, many gamers wonder: is Lies of P an open-world title? Here’s what we know about this upcoming Souls-like game. Stay with us!

Is Lies of P going to be open-world?

If you have ever wondered what it would be like for Demon Souls to crossover with the fairy tales we used to enjoy as children, then look no further, as Lies of P is the best example of this. This game is inspired by the classic fairy tale story of Pinnochio, the wooden puppet who comes to life and wishes for nothing more than to become a real boy.

In Lies of P, players take control of Pinnochio. This time, however, he won’t be in the colorful world of Italy. Lies of P’s Pinnochio is a puppet mechanoid searching for a certain Mr. Geppetto.

  • Along the way, Pinnochio may run into trouble as the city is overrun with dangerous creatures and hostile humans. However, there are people in Krat who would gladly extend a helping hand to Pinnochio.

The devs have clarified that Lies of P will not feature the “seamless” open-world map we’re all accustomed to. On the bright side, they have included features that would give that seamless feel to its players.

  • One of these features is the game’s weather system. They revealed that the weather changes as you progress through the game’s stages.

  • If you’re already at a later part of Lies of P, you can go back to the earlier stages you encountered, and here, you will notice that the current weather stays the same.
  • In an exclusive interview with Gaming Bolt, the devs have revealed important information about the game’s atmosphere. Their ultimate goal is to “capture the world as densely as possible.

More details about Lies of P

The puppet mechanoid’s choices will also affect the game’s story as it goes on, combining the challenges of a Souls-like game with the exciting gameplay feature where your choices matter. Although honesty is the best policy, the game also highlights that Pinnochio must tell lies occasionally since not everyone can be trusted.

  • The unique system of lies in Lies of P will affect your gameplay. Depending on your choices, there will be times that a truth or lie you tell affects the environment, NPCs, or even the game’s ending altogether. Round8 Studio has also stated that Lies of P will have multiple endings for players to discover.

The game also features an interesting combat system. Since Pinnochio is a puppet mechanoid, he can use materials he finds along his journey. If you equip these on Pinnochio, players can see them on Lies of P’s main protagonist.

  • Some equipment will make Pinnochio look silly or out of place, so this might affect a player’s choice of equipment if they want Pinnochio to look the part of a puppet mechanoid.

Release date and platforms

As of writing, the game does not have a final release date. We know that the team behind Lies of P is working on releasing the game sometime around August of this year. The game is confirmed to release on the PlayStation, PC via Steam, and Xbox. Lies of P will also be a Day One release on the Xbox Game Pass.

Round8 Studio promises to deliver an immersive and exciting experience with Lies of P. From the trailers and teasers we’ve seen about the game, it certainly looks like it won’t disappoint gamers eagerly awaiting its release.

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We hope this helped players wondering if Lies of P will feature an open-world map. If you have any other questions about the upcoming game from Round8 Studio, feel free to leave them in the comments below! For more content, stay with us here at Spiel Times.

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