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Disney+ just finished the Moon Knight series with its 6th episode (Gods and Monsters) – or did they? Is there a Season 2 planned for Moon Knight?


Moon Knight Director Mohamed Diab said that it would be “a waste” of the show’s characters not to return. After the success and impact, the titular made in the superhero scene, the chances of its return on television are higher.

“First of all, I am in the dark. Just like you, I have no clue about what’s gonna happen in the future. And I’m not just saying that. Marvel loves the allure of the secrecy. I think it’s part of the game that they’re playing with the fans, and fans love that,” Mohamed Diab during an interview with IGN

Meanwhile, Moon Knight executive producer, Grant Curtis, thinks that Moon Knight’s limited series has the potential to become “the story of a larger thing”. Does this mean there’s more to Moon Knight and the MCU?

Moon Knight’s End Credits Scene (Teaser)

The final episode concluded the series with a teaser of a third identity. Throughout the series, Marc Spector and/or Steven Grant have been the avatars of the Egyptian God Khonshu. Little did we know that there has always been a third one, Jake Lockley. In the 6th episode, after Marc/Steven was revived by Khonshu, the two identities worked together as Moon Knight.

Moon Knight/Jake Lockley

With the help of Layla and Khonshu, they eventually defeated the God Ammit and Arthur Harrow. Marc decided he does not want to become a murderer and instead of killing Harrow, he decided to put him in a mental institution, leaving him there to rot. After their heroics, Marc and Steven asked to be released from being Khonshu’s Avatar, to which Khonshu agreed – or so they thought.

In the end credits scene, we saw a guy (who eventually was Jake Lockley), bringing Arthur Harrow in a limousine where Khonshu is just sitting pretty. In a sudden twist of event, Harrow is now at the receiving end of judgment, not by Khonshu, not by Marc nor Steven, but by Jake Lockley.

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Jake gave out a much more dangerous persona than Marc Spector ever did. More so, he had that murderous vibe in him. In addition to that, he also speaks Spanish, which surely is kind of a questionable thing. Truly there are still a lot of questions left to uncover with Moon Knight and Jake Lockley, thus a second season would be able to answer it all.

Marvel Studios Teasing Moon Knight Season 2

Moon Knight Season 2 Teaser, Photo Courtesy of

In the finale, Marvel Studios‘ posted on Twitter about Moon Knight’s “season finale” instead of a “series finale. While this might be a mistake, it definitely gave the fans something to look out for. Honestly, no one is certain yet if a second season is already on its way and Disney+ nor Marvel has confirmed anything about it yet. But, the finale already had the fans asking for more.

Could we see Marc/Steven/Jake on the big screen again? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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