Is NBA 2k23 cross-platform? + Free codes this October 2022

Is NBA 2k23 cross-platform + Free codes this October 2022 - Cover Picture

When cross-platform became a thing in gaming, it’s become a norm for fresh releases to include this if they offer a multiplayer mode. Sports games aren’t an exception as titles like NBA 2K or FIFA let you play with your friends on different consoles. Following the release of NBA 2k23, one of the most asked questions about the game is whether or not it’s cross-platform. In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about cross-platform in NBA 2k23 as well as locker codes for October 2022.

NBA 2k23 launched across all major platforms a few weeks ago on September 9th. In the months following up to its release, there’s been nothing but hype for the latest title in the NBA 2K series. Ever since multiplayer was introduced in sports games like NBA 2K, players are asking for one major thing: cross-platform features. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be one of Take-Two Interactive’s priorities.

Is NBA 2k23 cross-platform?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, guys. It seems that we’ve gotten another NBA 2K game that doesn’t feature cross-platform capabilities. This means that you still won’t be able to play with your buddies on the Xbox if you’re on a PlayStation console.

Is NBA 2k23 cross-platform + Free codes this October 2022 - Official Art
Image Courtesy of NBA 2K
  • The team behind NBA 2K are yet to reveal if they are planning on including cross-platform soon
  • However, they did clarify in the game’s FAQ that there is no cross-platform feature. Only cross-progression will be available
    • Players can switch consoles and carry over their player progress. This will only be possible if both consoles belong to the same family (e.g., PS4 to PS5 and vice versa)
  • At the moment, titles like FIFA 23 and NHL 23 include cross-platform
    • For NHL 23, players have access to cross-platform in their Hockey Ultimate Team Mode
  • It looks like another year for NBA 2K will pass that we won’t get this mode

Hopefully, Take-Two acknowledges the demand for cross-platform on the NBA 2K titles. Who knows, maybe we’ll finally get the feature in NBA 2K24? What we can do for now is enjoy the game in all its glory.

Hey, maybe you can even get your buddies to switch consoles so you guys can finally square off against each other. It looks like Sony may be ramping up production for the PS5. You can check out the PS5 restock list here.

NBA 2k23 Locker Codes (October 2022)

Who doesn’t like free items? Making a comeback in the latest NBA 2K game are locker codes that give you sweet in-game rewards after redeeming them. Some of the ways you can get locker codes to redeem in NBA 2k23 are through the following:

  • Watch special livestreams as NBA 2K sometimes includes locker codes during these programs
  • Make sure to keep yourself in the loop by following NBA 2K’s social media accounts

Of course, we understand if you don’t have the time to tune in to the special livestreams or check the official social media accounts of NBA 2K. Check out the list below to see the active locker codes in NBA 2k23 right now. Redeem them as soon as you can since these codes typically have expiration dates!

Active Codes in NBA 2k23 

MYTEAM-SILENCERS-PACK-3HWPC Silencers Pack September 30, 2022 (11:59 PM)

How to redeem locker codes

The process to redeem these codes is simple. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • From the main menu, go to the “MyTeam” tab
  • Head over to the section which says “Community Hub”
  • You’ll see “Locker Code” beside the “Community Poll”
  • Enter any of the active locker codes in NBA 2k23
  • Check your inventory after redeeming. If you successfully type in the right code, you usually get these rewards immediately

Just a heads up that if this is the first time you’re accessing the Community Hub, you’ll go through a lengthy introduction first. Once you get through that, you’re free to redeem any locker code you can find.

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