Is Poppy Playtime Safe For Kids – Age Rating

Poppy Playtime is a Horror Game many fans are crazy about due to its unique concept and storyline that keep fans guessing what comes next. In this article, we will discuss Poppy Playtime age rating and if your kids are safe from playing this game and not giving them nightmares every night. Enjoy!

Is Poppy Playtime Safe For Kids

A lot of parents are concerned about Poppy Playtime’s safety. This is because of its toy factory setting and iconic children’s toy-inspired figures. There is no official ESRB or age rating for the game but there is universal agreement that it is not suited for young kids. You must avoid being captured by Huggy Wuggy one of the game’s enemies or he will eat you.

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Not Designed for Children 12 and Below According to 3rd Parties

The indie horror game soon became popular with producers and consumers on social media after its release. The game was not designed for children, despite the fact that it incorporates children’s toys.


Because Poppy Playtime does not have an ESRB rating, many people have turned to the internet to see if it is suitable for children.

Poppy Playtime Poppy Doll
Image Courtesy of MOB Games
  • Poppy Playtime is suited for players aged eight and up, according to Zach Belanger, CEO of MOB Games.
  •  The iOS version of Poppy Playtime is rated 12+ on the App Store.
  • Poppy Playtime Chapter is rated Teen on the Google Play Store.
  • Poppy Playtime was given a suggested age rating of 12+ by Common Sense Media.

Plagiarism Allegations: Poppy Playtime

MOB Games was accused of plagiarism and bullying in private communication with another content creator. This is via a Twitter account with the name @theEkrCoaster, also known as Ethan. Ethan alleged on Twitter that Poppy Playtime had stolen his game “Venge.” Despite the fact that these are two independent games, Ethan claims that Poppy Playtime was inspired by his.

Venge and Poppy Playtime do indeed have similar stories and share some animation elements. The concept of Venge and Poppy Playtime, on the other hand, is rather common in indie gaming releases. Many people connect Poppy Playtime to FNAF, for example. Both games have been compared to Bendy and the Ink Machine by others.

In response to this claim, MOB Games CEO Zach Belanger stated that the majority of the Poppy Playtime Team is not involved in any controversy with Ethan. And the Poppy Playtime staff worked with enthusiasm rather than malice. This implies that the bulk of the concept team is unaware of Ethan’s troubles and that the game was their idea. However, it would be interesting to see how MOB Games’ storyboard works and who is in charge.

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