Is Rick and Morty canceled? What Justin Roiland’s departure means

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Following the firing Rick and Morty co-creator, animator, and director Justin Roiland, fans are now left wondering if the show would still go on. Is it canceled or will it continue for another season?

Despite the controversies surrounding Adult Swim’s animated series, the company still decided to move forward without Roiland. In an official tweet, the showrunners of Rick and Morty said that “Adult Swim has ended its association with Justin Roiland” added with a notion that the show will will continue for season 7.

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Justin Roiland has also reportedly resigned from his position in Squanch Games. Roiland co-created the action-adventure FPS game High On Life (2022). Additionally, Hulu has also cut ties with the voice actor. Roiland’s other project titled “Polar Opposites” and “Koala Man” are also moving on without his involvement.

What happened to Justin Roiland?

The voice behind Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith (and many other characters) was charged with domestic abuse. An unknown woman, who he was allegedly dating years ago, came out of the dark and accused Roiland of domestic battery and false imprisonment.

Justin Roiland
Photo Courtesy of NBC News

Although Justin pleaded “not guilty” to the charges in 2020, his career seems to be going down the drain as entertainment studios like Adult Swim and Hulu are cutting ties with him. After the felony case, many others has also reported that Roiland was sexually abusing them. However, the case is yet to be decided. Justin Roiland and his legal team are set for another hearing this April 2023.

Is Rick and Morty going to be recast?

Due to the show’s current predicament, the voice of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith will be seeing a huge change in scenery. Dan Harmon, the show’s co-creator and voice of Bird Person will be fully taking over but the voice of the grandfather and grandson duo of Rick and Morty will be recast.

Plans of hiring a new actor (or actress) is already being made. Aside from the announcement that season 7 will be released this year and will continue without Roiland, no further details about the new landscape of the show was shared with the public.

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♬ original sound – Sean Kelly

Fans are already calling for Adult Swim to hire the TikToker and impressionist Sean Kelly (seankellysays). Kelly became famous with his Rick and Morty impressions as well as other famous characters. The voice is very similar to Justin Roiland hence why a lot of his followers want him to take on the role.

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