Is Riot Games Being Sexist? Pro Players Criticize Valorant Game Changers Slots and Venue for VCT Championship 2023

Is Riot Games Being Sexist Pro Players Criticize Valorant Game Changers Slots and Venue for VCT Championship 2023 - Featured

Riot Games is drawing criticisms left and right from pro players after they revealed the slots and venue for Valorant Game Changers 2023. Some even argue that Riot Games is somehow being sexist with their choices, but is that true? What are the pro players saying about the company’s decision on where to hold the Game Changers tournament this year? Keep reading to find out more.

What is Valorant Game Changers?

After launching in 2021, Valorant Game Changers have allowed Riot Games to take the next step in the evolution of esports. Through this initiative, they are creating platforms for women and marginalized genders in esports. Game Changers isn’t only the Valorant tournaments wherein women and marginalized genders can participate in. The program consists of several components that are as follows:

  • Tournaments
  • Events
  • Mentorship programs
  • Scholarship programs for students wanting to pursue a career in gaming

According to Riot, the ultimate goal they have for Valorant Game Changers is to increase diversity and inclusivity in esports. They want to create a more welcoming and inclusive space for women and marginalized genders. Moreover, Game Changers provides opportunities for aspiring players to show off their skills and expertise in Valorant on a global stage.

Valorant pro players criticize Riot Games’ choice of venue and number of slots for Game Changers 2023

Ahead of this year’s Game Changers tournament on November 28 until December 3, Riot Games is drawing flak from players and fans alike. The two factors being heavily criticized is the choice of venue and number of slots available for teams wanting to participate.

“The 2023 Game Changers Championship will take place at the esports arena at Riot Studios in São Paulo, Brazil,” the official announcement reads. However, pro players are taking this up with Riot and explaining that the venue is too small for an event like this.

According to content creator GHOST Cece, the choice of venue is disrespectful to the scene. Others have also shared their grievances and collectively agree that 150 spectators for a Valorant event is quite disheartening.

“Riot should at least try growing the Game Changers scene”

Another tweet responding to @ValorINTEL’s post made a few points about how Riot Games should “at least try to grow the Game Changers scene”. With a venue that can only host 150 spectators, it’s understandable where all the frustrations are coming from regarding this year’s Game Changers.

If we take a look back at how the 2022 Championship tournament fared, the event had almost 250,000 viewers.

Is Riot Games Being Sexist Pro Players Criticize Valorant Game Changers Slots and Venue for VCT Championship 2023 - G2 Gozen
Image Courtesy of G2 Esports
  • The amount of viewers made the 2022 Championship the most-watched esports tournament for female players.
  • If we’re talking about physical attendance, the tournament had no problem with that as well. Tickets for the first Game Changers LAN sold out within minutes.
  • Plus, the venue for this year’s Game Changers tournament is smaller compared to the LEC Studios in Berlin from last year.

It seems Riot is taking one step forward and two steps back with the choices they made for Valorant Game Changers 2023.

Only eight teams are participating in the event

Pro players and fans are also wondering why the event is limited to only eight teams. Compared to other Valorant events, Game Changers Championship 2023 has the lowest number of teams allowed to participate.

Version 1’s in-game leader took to Twitter to share her thoughts on this:

Riot Games’ response to the criticisms

Leo Faria, the Global Head for Valorant Esports, has responded to a Twitter user asking if the venue can be hosted in a larger space. According to Faria, they believe that the choice of venue for Game Changers 2023 is only right.

However, the general public did not receive Faria’s response positively. More users replying to his tweet brought up points about how limiting it is to only allow 150 spectators for a tournament as big as Game Changers 2023.

From the looks of it, Riot Games’ decision regarding the venue won’t be changing anytime soon. Nonetheless, some pro players are still holding out hope that they listen to their community regarding this issue.

Is Riot Games being sexist?

It’s no secret that the Valorant esports scene is dominated by male players. However, it’s a bit of a stretch to say that Riot Games is being sexist with their decision to hold Game Changers 2023 in a smaller venue. The entire point of the Game Changers initiative is to create a welcoming and inclusive space for women and marginalized genders.

Unfortunately, it is decisions like these that put Riot Games in a bad light. What should happen now is for Riot to heed their community’s pleas for a better Game Changers event this year.

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What are your thoughts on these controversies surrounding Riot Games’ Game Changers 2023? Feel free to share your thoughts with us and other players in the comments below! For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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