Have you “Oh my, oh my god” today? Pretty sure if you’re a K-pop fan, you got hooked and addicted to the releases of newly-debuted NewJeans. The young five-member girl group under ADOR Entertainment and HYBE Labels continuously makes noise in South Korea and even through online applications. And believe it or not, even actor Ryan Reynolds may have come across the song on TikTok, now is he a fan of NewJeans? But before anything else, let’s listen to “OMG” first!

Ryan Reynolds & NewJeans

Well, Reynolds has jammed with NewJeans’ OMG already, and fans may not have expected that. K-pop and Ryan Reynolds aren’t quite a new pair, but a NewJeans song?! That’s NEW.

  • On Monday, Ryan’s TikTok account garnered much attention from fans. User @vancityreynolds dropped a video edit of himself with NewJeans’ OMG as background music. He used his Paper Man photos in the video!

Productive Monday

♬ OMG – NewJeans

  • Reynolds captioned the video with a simple “Productive Monday”. Now, the question: is he a fan? We haven’t heard Deadpool character comment about this, but we wouldn’t blame him if he is! Who wouldn’t love the electro-pop, dance-pop genre that the group makes?
  • Also, we wouldn’t be surprised if Reynolds would drop another edit of himself in one of NJ’s songs like Hype Boy! Maybe a dance cover would be nice too. No certainty yet about Reynolds being a fanboy, but maybe he enjoys the song (as of now, then a NewJeans stan soon?).

The reactions

Honestly, when we first saw the video first thing in mind was fan edit. It isn’t just us who thought of that. The fans’ reactions are priceless, here are some of the replies we found under the video.

  • Well, most of us thought it was a fan edit video. But there it is, the blue verified check mark that it is Ryan Reynolds’ TikTok.

Ryan Reynolds NewJeans, tiktok

Ryan Reynolds, tiktok video
Photos Courtesy of @vancityreynolds video via TikTok
  • Some did expect it to happen — he’s Ryan Reynolds anyway. But some minds were shaken to see this.
NewJeans OMG, Ryan Reynolds tiktok
Image Courtesy of @vancityreynolds video via TikTok
  • Anyway, Reynolds has a K-pop background though, so in some ways, we weren’t too surprised about this. He’s close with the K-pop boy group Stray Kids as they did a Deadpool-inspired performance in Kingdom before. It started with that, and the rest is history — Reynolds, then talks about Stray Kids at every opportunity he can get.

More about NewJeans

The five-member girl group consists of Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. NewJeans debuted on July 2022 with their debut single “Attention”. A few weeks after the group dropped their EP, with “Cookie”, “Hype Boy”, and “Hurt” as other songs.

  • Recently, the group came back with their single album “OMG” with the same-titled lead track, and “Ditto” as B-side.
  • These latest tracks gave the young group global recognition for topping charts in and out of South Korea.
  • We hope to hear more releases of NewJeans this year. In the generation’s slang, they do “slay” all their songs, and definitely no-skip songs. NewJeans always delivers!

This is just the start for NewJeans, so we’ll probably see more Ryan Reynolds self-edits on TikTok with the K-pop girl group’s song as its used music!

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