Is Sam Smith’s Satanic Grammy performance an audition to join Illuminati?

The world seems to be aberrant to the workings of this shadow group. The Illuminati has been nothing short of the trend of pop culture. The greatest lead against this group is that they run pedophilic practices and worship the antichrist. And Sam Smith’s Satanic Grammy performance has people asking something.

Also, few of the latest pop-culture runs seem to equate Adele and Sam Smith to be the same person. Add this to Smith’s Grammy performance. Now, to lead you to the cliffhanger, is Sam Smith Illuminati? 

What’s the Illuminati?

Sam Smith and Adele
Image courtesy of Grammy Official Youtube

There’s this line of thinking that seems to predict that the world is run by a corporate elite. One that has persisted since ancient times. Having crept into the higher positions of government, global capitalism, and the UN in general. These people who run things from behind the shadows are known as Illuminati.

To decipher whether Sam Smith is actually Illuminati or not (Which is not possible by the way), we want to dive into two unique things. Firstly the symbolic meaning of Smith’s performance at the Grammys and then the rumor that Smith and Adele are the same people.

What is Sam Smith’s Satanic Grammy Performance?

During their Grammy Awards performance, Sam Smith and Kim Petras fully embraced their demonic aesthetic in their rendition of “Unholy,” which had already won the award for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” earlier in the event.

  • Smith wore devil horns once again, while Petras danced in a cage. Their stage presence was full of fiery energy, perfectly in line with the song’s themes.
  • This demonic theme was also reflected in their red-carpet entrance, as they arrived with an entourage of evil followers, appearing regal and powerful.

The backlash that has ensued

Is Sam Smith Illuminati
Sam Smith performing Unholy in Grammys

The 2023 Grammy Awards results have caused controversy, and now conservatives are also expressing their outrage over performance during the event.

Smith also wore a bright red top hat with devil horns for the final chorus. This performance has sparked criticism from conservatives. The line of criticism seems to come primarily from the conservative right on the political spectrum.

Right-wing Senator Ted Cruz eventually shared his opinion on the performance by retweeting a video captured by conservative podcaster Liz Wheeler. Wheeler wrote that the performance was teaching children to worship Satan, and Cruz simply wrote, “This… is… evil.” Smith and Petras have not yet publicly responded to the backlash.

Billboard has reached out to their representatives for comment. Ever since people have taken to Twitter to comment that this is possibly Sam Smith auditioning to join the Illuminati.

Are Sam Smith and Adele the same person?

Twitter user @jesse21valona was the first to share the audio evidence, which has since gone viral this week. @jesse21valona played the vinyl edition of Adele’s 2015 hit Hello and slowed it down, revealing a similarity between Adele’s voice and that of Sam. Whether or not you find the evidence convincing is up to you, but over 300,000 Twitter users appear to believe so. Marking another Internet Urban Legend about Sam Smith and Adele being the same person.

Is Sam Smith Illuminati?

Well, the Satanic Performance is not enough to tell if Sam Smith is Illuminati. Or if the organization as such exists beyond the fictional corners of internet subreddits and Twitter. But the general line of the relation between the Illuminati and any Cabal organization seems to include controversial political topics.

One that includes things like Epstein Island – a possible pedophilic dungeon. Then there are things like blood rituals, sacrifices, and demon worship.

The symbolism behind Sam Smith’s satanic demeanor seems to be a way to rejoice in the existence of Satan. And if Satan is to be equated with evil, one might be prompted to wonder what’s the need. Nonetheless, Sam Smith is definitely an artist.

For now, take these articles as a spur of good entertainment. Have some giggles, and some backdoor wondering if this is real. Nothing can be confirmed.

SOURCES: TeenVogue, Billboard

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