Is Scooby Doo coming to MultiVersus? Halloween update + What we know so far

MultiVersus halloween update, is Scooby Doo coming

Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you? Look no further as we have something exciting for you, MultiVersus fans! Nothing may be confirmed about this as of now, but this pumped us up for the Halloween season. Should we expect Scooby Doo, spooky challenges and quests, and cosmetics? Answers are ready below about this MultiVersus Halloween update. But wait, there’s more! We’ll hear from MultiVersus about special news tomorrow, maybe a character arrival? We’ll let you know about everything below, so stay with us!

MultiVersus Halloween update

Okay, while we’re very much excited to bring the news to you, we hope we won’t get your hopes too high! Although we can say that most of this may happen, it is still subject to change. Let’s cut to the chase, famous data miner, @LaisulMV (he moved to this new account since @AisulMV was suspended), found information about the Halloween event in the fighting game.

  • In his suspended account, @AisulMV mentioned gathering data about new cosmetics coming for the upcoming Halloween event. They dropped five profile icons for Halloween 2022 of the following: Scoobtober, Boo, Pumpkin Patch, Black Lantern Superman, and Black Lantern WW (probably Wonder Woman?). You can get these. Sounds like a few things we’d like to collect!
MultiVersus Halloween update
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Proxeh via YouTube
  • How will you get that then? MultiVersus YouTuber Proxeh also made a video about these leaks from AisulMV. The data miner mentioned that the Halloween event would have a separate Halloween Event Currency.
  • Recently, from the account @LaisulMV, they mentioned that there is a dedicated MultiVersus stream for the upcoming Scooby Doo Halloween event. Of course, rewards await players who will stay tuned to the stream.
    • 30 minutes: 10 Toast
    • 1 hour: Scoobtober Profile Icon
    • 1 hour and 30 minutes: Halloween Ringout
    • 2 hours: Scoobtober Banner

  • However, fans may argue that how come there will be a Scooby Doo event without Scooby? Well, it would make sense if they’d add the Great Dane to the roster for the event. We’ll have to wait and see.
  • But it may be safe to assume that we can Scooby Doo is coming…  maybe the rest of the gang, too? Well, there is no announcement about this yet, but we do hope to see our favorite scaredy dog in action!

Other MultiVersus news

And now it’s time for some MultiVersus updates brought to you by the developers themselves. Just this week, MultiVersus tweeted about Rick coming very soon. And today, they tweeted about an announcement tomorrow, at 10 A.M. PT. Should you guess who is coming?

  • This little something could mean the mad scientist Rick, right? Peek at Tony Huynh‘s Tweet below. @LaisulMV also mentions how they’re 99% sure that Rick would be coming next to the game.
  • If we can think of another little something, this could be Stripe as well. OMG, you know what, let’s just wait for tomorrow, I’m pretty sure this is something (someone, hopefully!) that fans can enjoy.

That’s about it! Happy Halloween and TGIF!

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