Is Storenvy Legit? Should You Buy A PS5 or An Xbox Series X?

The demand for the PS5 and Xbox Series X is massive. Every major retailer is out of stock and there’s literally no way to purchase one at its original price at the moment. Amidst the supply-demand chaos, a new store is getting popularity – Storenvy. Storenvy lists PS5 and Xbox Series X and you can place an order right now. But is Storenvy legit? What is it actually? Should you be ordering a PS5 or an Xbox Series X from Storenvy?

What is Storenvy?

Storenvy is basically a website where you can build your own store, list products, and sell them. This raises the question of legitimacy and if your orders will reach you anytime soon. The store is great if you are looking to purchase products like t-shirts, earrings, pins, etc. But for consoles, please don’t.

Is Storenvy Legit?

We won’t raise questions on the legitimacy of the entire site and across other products. But if we consider the context of buying a PS5 on an Xbox Series X, we highly recommend you NOT to purchase from Storency.

This is because both Sony and Microsoft are running low on stocks and the demand is extremely high. Companies like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are struggling to meet the demands. Not just that, Sony’s very own Direct Store doesn’t have stock for the PS5 at the moment.

You can check the status of PS5 stocks by clicking here.

And most importantly, the seller is questionable. The seller for both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X on Storenvy goes by the name ShopToniMenter. They have 31 products in their store right now, selling beanies, bangles, and Avocado slicers. And they’ve had only 28 sales so far. So, it’s very suspicious.

So, please don’t throw $500 down the drain trying to get a console from Storenvy. Walmart will have the PS5 back in stock on 11/25 for their Black Friday sale. You can check the status by clicking here.

Should I buy a PS5 or an Xbox Series X from Storenvy?

As we said, you shouldn’t buy a PS5 or an Xbox Series X from Storenvy. When major retailers are running out of stock, some “ShopToniMenter” has stocks and selling? It’s highly doubtful.

Is Storenvy Legit? Should You Buy A PS5 or An Xbox Series X? Is Storenvy Legit? Should You Buy A PS5 or An Xbox Series X?

We’d suggest you wait for stocks to be back with major retailers. The earliest possibility is during the Black Friday sale. Here are our Stock Trackers that’ll notify you when the consoles are back in stock –

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