Drake’s impact on contemporary popular music is undisputed. But the Canadian rapper’s impact often transcends past just music and into further culture, especially sports. Drake’s infamous curse has a near-perfect record. But after yesterday’s FIFA World Cup Final in Qatar, Lionel Messi’s Argentina seems to have finally broken it.

Let’s find out how exactly it works and take a comprehensive look at the list of athletes and sports teams that have fallen prey to the Drake curse.

What is the Drake curse?

The Drake curse works in mysterious ways. The “God’s Plan” singer has the worst possible luck with the teams or athletes he roots for. 

  • Any sports team that Drake vocally supports or any athlete who interacts and takes a picture with Drake are bound to lose their next big game, tournament, and season. Or at least, that’s what the internet chooses to believe.
  • Even if the odds are in a team’s favor, if the Champagne Papi wears their jersey, fans immediately start sweating in anxiety. Such is the alleged power of the Drake curse.

Has Messi ended it?

A few hours before the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final in Qatar, Drake favored Argentina to beat France and even posted a picture on his Instagram with his betting odds. Fans of the team were clearly unimpressed.

  • However, Lionel Messi inspired Argentina to a historic win against all odds, especially the “Drake odds”. Now, the curse’s legitimacy hangs in the balance.
  • Despite picking the right team to win the final and the tournament, Drake’s curse seems to have worked on himself as he bizarrely lost almost a million dollars on the bets.

Drake curse victims

The Drake curse began in his backyard when his home basketball team Toronto Raptors made him their global ambassador. Since then, the Raptors have choked in most big games.

Drake curse Toronto Raptors
Image courtesy of Andscape
Image courtesy of Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
  • In 2019 alone, then Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero missed a crucial penalty in the UEFA Champions League and Jadon Sancho’s Borussia Dortmund lost 5-0 to Bayern Munich. Both incidents came after taking pictures with Drake
  • The Drake curse has spread into other sports like tennis, boxing and even college football and basketball games.

Drake can finally let out a sigh of relief after Messi won in his favor at the biggest stage in the world. Earlier in 2021, Drake had rooted for boxer Tyson Fury to knock out Deontay Wilder in the trilogy fight and it happened. Is the Drake curse finally coming to an end? We sure hope so.

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